Why Call of Duty Still Has Single-Player Campaigns

Kotaku - Call of Duty was always popular, but became a cultural phenomenon only in 2007 thanks to a revised multiplayer system that hooked players with a then-innovative ability-unlocking level-based system.

That year's Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare became the new GoldenEye, the new Halo... the new multiplayer game that it seemed like everyone who had a console was playing.

Call of Duty multiplayer has become only more popular, now stretching new games of in the series into nine-month-long multiplayer-based "seasons" of new map packs and competitions.

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Myst-Vearn2434d ago

I always play the single player campaign before going to the multiplayer.

BiggCMan2434d ago

I do with every other game I play, and I did with Call of Duty until Black Ops came. With that, I tried to get into it, but it bored me, so I stopped and never went back. Then MW3 came out, and I never even bothered to start it up, played the multiplayer for less than 2 hours, and sent that abomination back where it came from. Here's my 2 cents though. A good portion of the people that play CoD, and take it seriously, believe the campaign to actually be a serious, emotional, story driven game. So to me, that's why they still make a campaign, because some people actual think it's good. All the CoD stories are, are like the Transformers movies. Cheap action, some explosions, some immature comedy, and a cliffhanger.

UnwanteDreams2434d ago

I do too but only for trophies and warm up because even the MP can't hold my attention long. I use SP to knock the rust of my sights.

Fylus2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

The only CoD games I've ever went through campaign just for trophies, was WaW and a VERY small portion of Black Ops. I wouldn't even want MW2 or 3 trophies on my profile though. It would be insulting, honestly.

ThatHappyGamer2434d ago

@Fylus - BO had some awesome trophies in Zombies mode. I had a hard time getting it but it was so much fun.

Especially "Sacrificial Lamb" trophy was insane.

glennco2434d ago

CoD single player is an interactive movie not a game. respawning, linear hand holding... no thanks got better things to play. it is aimed at casual gamers (the angry birds market) and just flat out boring for me. i can't bring myself to even play the games anymore. every new CoD is just more of the same. you can run through most of the game to stop the respawning. if you acted like it was real life you would be there all day shooting the same guys over and over, but no in CoD you have to run like a suicide bomber towards the enemy to stop the respawning. it is a joke

even CoD4 was rubbish aside from one sniper level. the world went nuts over that one level and in the process missed a far superior BFBC game in the process.

what it does do well is make you feel like you are in a battle without actually having to do much.

BiggCMan2434d ago

Actually the world went more crazy over the nuke level where the helicopter fell out of the sky. I enjoyed CoD4's story, but it was far from groundbreaking like everyone thinks it is. It was mainly because it took a big turn from the previous games into the modern era. And even then, it wasn't the first game to do so. Gotta love media blowing things out of proportion!

Fylus2434d ago

That scene where the nuke blows the helicopter out of the sky was at least a memorable scene. I can't name a single memorable moment from MW2, Black Ops, or MW3.

I think it's because IW noticed everyone loved the nuke scene in CoD4, so they waaay over did it with random explosions throughout the next games to an extent that just made it lose all of its appeal.

ginsunuva2434d ago

It's not even an interactive movie. It's like the equivalent of a singalong.

TheDivine2434d ago

I love COD campaigns, they are really fun and action packed. MW1 and Black Ops both were very good SP games.

SaffronCurse2434d ago

They're fun the first time around, then i don't touch them once beaten. World at war had a pretty replayable campaign because of the easter eggs.

UnwanteDreams2434d ago

COD SP is quick, easy, and well paced. IMO not very good at anything else when it comes to SP.

bahabeast2434d ago

i like the mw campaigns but every single game is the exact same IMO not story but the way its presented and it hasnt change from since the ps2 days. people buy call of duty for the multiplayer

optimus2434d ago

I'm one of those that buys call of duty for the single player. I was intrigued by black ops 1 cause they moved away from world war 2. I felt the story was ok but not great and figured i wouldn't buy the next one but now they seem to be modernizing the black ops series and the multiple endings has me entrigued. So i may just buy into it one more time.