Bully: Scholarship Edition - 10 New Screens

Bully: Scholarship Edition tells the story of 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he experiences the highs and lows of adjusting to a new school. Eight new missions, four new school classes (biology, music, math and geography), new unlockable items and clothing, new two-player off-line minigames, new awards and Achievements.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

is a masterpiece.

i hope the new GTA is kinda like bully.

and yes, i know their both made by R*

NewScratch4671d ago

wish this was coming to ps3. my ps2 version of the game runs faster in the ps3 and the messed up camera that is passable playing on ps2 gets you hung up when folks are chasing you. had to stop playing.

anyone else try the ps2 version in the ps3 and know any way to get beyond this?

malingenie4671d ago

I did, and I had absoultely no problem, but I don't have apoint of comparison - I only played it in the PS3... it was a great experience though.

NewScratch4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

absolutely, love the game and got pretty far on ps2 while at my brothers. when i took it home to my ps3 is where it got wacky. wanna point out though that ps3 made that sucker look and run GREAT minus the game's occasional camera glitches being even faster.

theres a part in the first levels where you break into the lockers in the gym and i always get stuck in a corner trying to run from the authorities b/c of the camara jarring things. any thoughts on how to pass that part in some other way maybe?