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Sorcery is not what we were waiting for. The magic wand works, unfortunately terrible camera and a short and boring campaign ruin the well devised combat system.

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DJ2434d ago

The PS Move feels like a missed opportunity. Sony can't just wait for developers to make titles. They need to pay for them upfront. Where the hell is my Modern Warfare 3 PS Move support???

Silly gameAr2434d ago

I heard it was pretty fun and does exactly whats's it's supposed. To do. Can't wait to try it.

StrawberryDiesel4202434d ago

I could care less, I have the beautiful PS3 Exclusive RPG Demon's Souls to satisfy my sorcery and spell casting needs. Plus it's the best game this generation with the best implementation of multiplayer ever, in other words fuck Sorcery.

MySwordIsHeavenly2434d ago

Not sure if serious.

I'm only three hours into it, but it's a fantastic game! From the character development to the music, you will love the story. The mechanics are pitch-perfect and are very inventive. It's something I see myself playing again, after I'm done. :)

I'll be giving a full review on my site later this week, but this is just ridiculous. I'm honestly not sure what game this guy is playing...

morganfell2434d ago

Agreed. From the moment when I shook my first potion (as you take that wand in the cabinet without permission after inserting the key) the game has been an inventive, precise, immersive story.

I laugh at people like 360GamerFG above who do not even own the title...or a PS3 for that matter.

It's laughable to hear them attack it. The funniest part is they are oblivious to how they llok in the public eye.

While it is a shame the Move has been under promoted with good games and that shouldn't be the case since more titles should avail themselves of the tech when it applies, it doesn't reduce this title one iota. Great game.

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