Sony at E3: What to Expect

( Following our analyst roundtable looking at Microsoft's E3 presence and what strategy the Xbox team may take with its press briefing, we've now shifted the spotlight to Microsoft's main rival: Sony. While last year's E3 appearance by Sony was marred by the necessity of having to apologize for a massive PlayStation Network breach, that's now long in the past and Sony can focus on one of its strengths: software.

"We are likely to see hardware bundles priced for value (if not an across the board PS3 price cut), but I think it's very unlikely that Sony would tease next generation hardware at E3 2012," said Billy Pidgeon.

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Akuma-2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

expect the most games to be previewed and the best conference. sony will actually support all types of gamers and you dont have to second guess them when it comes to them supporting their core fanbase.

nintendo will pretend theyre for the core but past experience with them says otherwise. why believe in pretenders when there is actually someone already supporting the core and proves that they are. nintendo is a poser when it comes to core support. microsoft are now betrayers of the core also

next gen will start when ps4 is out. people wont have to guess if the system will be powerful either

playstation is the future and the future is playstation

LOGICWINS2341d ago

Woah! That last bit almost sounded cult-like Akuma. Reminds me of that scene in Fight Club where Project Mayhem members chanted "His name was Robert Paulson" over and over again. But I do think Sony will have the best conference because Sony exclusives have always interested me more than those of the competition.

sinncross2341d ago

I think a price cut with bundles that include either LBP Karting or PS Battle Royale might be worth exploring.

I think getting someone like OnLive or Gaikai as a partner, according to the recent rumours, would be good for both the PS3 and PSV.

dark-hollow2341d ago

I'll be watching and enjoying Both conferences.

Patriots_Pride2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

LOL - Let me guess Akuma this is what you wear daily.

negroguy2340d ago

The boxers and shirt can stay but id rock those kicks

black9112340d ago

Sony In nor order what I Expect
1. vita Price Drop
2.Rock Stars Agent
3.Quantic Dreams New IP
4.Eight days,The Getaway,or Sypron Filter atleast one will make a return
5.GTA san Andreas Stories for THe Vita
6.Google Chrome Web BRowser or NEw Web Browser
7.Redesined XMB
8.And of course things we know like "the last of us",playstation move heros,god of war ascension etc.

Akuma-2340d ago

ps vita wont get a price drop till next year. nintendo and its bumbling habbits have set a bad precedent but the difference between sony and nintendo is that sony sells cutting edge hardware

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ieatbabies2341d ago

Reveal new Vita games
Mention a relationship with Onlive for Cloud Service
Show some already known (revealed) PS3 exclusives and multiplatform games
talk about PS4?
Mention more PSN services

ApolloAdams2341d ago

I expect a spin of numbers in their favor and over saturation of Vita games with price cuts throughout with a partnership with Onlive. Possibly easier of PS4. More services it is adding and much vanilla of already announced games.

Very standard for all companies really.

smashcrashbash2341d ago

Oooooo. Aren't we sounding negative. What is wrong with as you call it 'an over saturation' of VITA games. It's that what people keep crying for in the first place.

ApolloAdams2340d ago

That wasn't negative at all. I stated what I expected at E3. I'm not gonna sound jubilant about a company. Wasn't made that way.

Mr Tretton2341d ago

Expect...the unexpected.

dark-hollow2340d ago

but doesnt that makes it an oxymoron?

pixelsword2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Fittingly (or not) Oxymoron is an oxymoron (It's Greek for sharp dull).

JoySticksFTW2340d ago

will make you jump... jump...

Believe that

AngelicIceDiamond2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

If theres 1 thing that Sony is genius at and what MS can learn from is how they handle motion control buissness. Lately Sony has only spent a minimal of 5 mins on there motion control at E3. Either compatible games or strictly Move related software, so the motion control gamers are satisfied . In a small 5 minute segments they do. Unlike MS who spend 10 to 15 minutes with there motion control.

As to what to expect, I expect allot of games first party wise and vita games and Move titles. So, Vita, PS3 Exclusives, and move.

ApolloAdams2340d ago

ConsideringKinect is a bigger success sales wise why not devote more of your show to it?? Makes business sense. Just saying.

AngelicIceDiamond2340d ago

Right, but the fact they put out nearly 10 million Move sensors out which is fantastic and little advertisement behind the the sensor is pretty impressive as well.

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