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Like That Free PSN? Better Get Used to Advertisements

A recently discovered patent shows that Sony has a plan to interrupt game-play to show advertisements. I don't know about you guys, but the future of gaming looks glorious.

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sinncross2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Thousands of patents never see the light of day. It is just a patent they have secured so no one else can use such an idea as long as the patent has not expired.

I highly doubt Sony is actually going to implement this... at worst maybe on demos.

Patriots_Pride2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Honest question why would Sony file for this to begin with?

This should be available to whom ever wants to make a quick buck of adverts.

Ducky2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

You got it all wrong. See, Sony doesn't plan to implement those kind of ads.
They just patented it so that no-one else could do it.

This way, gamers are ensured that their playtime will never be interrupted.
Sony is looking out for us.

Anyways, it seems like the article is jumping the gun a bit. Game-interrupting ads would cause such a backlash, I doubt any sane company would do it (which the article does mention)... unless if they were on the loading screens or something.

Amazingmrbrock2429d ago

Tech companies patent everything they can possibly think of. So if any other company tries to do something that say sony has patented they can charge them a fee for the ability to do so.

ronin4life2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

If Sony actually thought that way, then they would let their competitors do this and reap the benefits of the mass exodus of anyone stupid enough to do so.

"Commercials while gaming? Hell no! Goodbye MS, hello Sony!", is what they would say... ^_^;

GraveLord2429d ago

To prevent the competition from using it.

Anyway, any ads would be shown during loading times or in between online matches or something.

They wouldn't be shown in the middle of a MGS4 cutscene for example.

Anyway, I guarantee this will never see the light of day.

Dante1122429d ago

Doesn't MS already have these type of ads on Live?

deep_fried_bum_cake2429d ago


I can imagine that now.

"SNAAAAAAAKE......loves the way Colgate toothpaste whitens his teeth"

Anon19742429d ago

Sony also patented a system that would imprint games onto a console so that only that console would ever be able to play the game. This was while the PS3 was in development and at the time there were rumours we'd see it in the PS3. It never happened.
Microsoft patented software that could censor live audio streams, with most thinking it would find it's way onto XBL. Also didn't happen.

Tech companies file lots of things. Doesn't mean they'll necessarily see the light of day.

SilentNegotiator2429d ago

"You got it all wrong. See, Sony doesn't plan to implement those kind of ads.
They just patented it so that no-one else could do it"

You're, uh....ALMOST right. Sony filed so no-one else can use it.....without paying them.

F2P (AKA 'Pay 2 win') games are becoming bigger and free small games loaded with ads are becoming bigger. Of course they're going to patent techniques for these things.

But thousands of patents never get used. Sony may just as well never use this one.

GribbleGrunger2429d ago

'snake ... Snake ... SNAKE!?'

'should have gone to specsavers'

Hicken2429d ago

Why would they file a patent for a way to stop used games on consoles, then never use it?

If the patent is granted, that means they've got ten years where nobody else can use it. And if they don't, that's still a decade in which NOBODY ELSE CAN USE IT. Just like FatOldMan said.

Sounds good for us gamers, don't you think?

Also, just like FatOldMan said, it would create a massive backlash. I'd quit gaming, period; the Wii U isn't proven, and Microsoft rubs me the wrong way. Fortunately, there are thousands of games prior to this generation that are already out, so I'd still have stuff to play.

humbleopinion2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Do you know how funny this sounds!? "They only patented it to prevent competition from using it, and will not use it themselves!"

A) You can't patents something only to prevent competition from using it. If you don't exercise or license it yourself the patent rights can be provoked
B) Registering a patent is a costly affair. If you already hold the rights to it and it gives you leverage over the competition, why not use it? That's the dumbest business decision there is.

The comments here are naive and ridiculous at best. Yes, it might turn out not commercially viable and Sony eventually might not use it.
But to say that the oh-so consumer friendly Sony only patented it to prevent other evil corporations from using it!? Can it get any more fanboyish then this? Some people here need a reality check.

morganfell2429d ago

What really sounds funny is your comment that patent rights can be provoked (perhaps you meant revoked) if the patenting party isn't using the idea.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that just isn't the case. Massive court battles have been decisively lost because someone patented an idea that never went into action and someone else used it. This generation of consoles has been rife with payouts and suits lost because MS, Sony, or Nintendo used someone's patented idea or technology. A tech they themselves never put to use.

Most patented ideas by large corporate entities never see the light of day. This includes ideas that may generate revenue but were deemed to lose money on the back end - in this case by pushing gamers away.

The fact that people on this board, and the ridiculous publishing website above promote this story proves several things.

It shows how desperate these flybynight cheap sites are for hits. it is laughable that in their attempt for relevance they produce absurd inane pieces that result in the exact opposite.

It also clearly demonstrates how far posters are willing to go to attack the console which they dislike. By that I mean they paint themselves as far less than intelligent when they espouse the idea any company would stop gameplay to advertise. In game ads have failed enough now they expect companies to not only repeat what failed but take it to an even further degree?

The only good that came of this article is as a lesson to people to vote on these nuisance websites by clicking on the link beneath "Read full story", in this case " +" and voting these websites and stories down to the point it makes them more difficult to publish such idiocy. When gameplox uncovered this story they probably thought they struck it rich. Well enjoy you big pile of fool's gold.

Until people start using the tools provided by this site, this tripe will continue to clog the news feed.

MmaFan-Qc2429d ago

"Like That Free PSN? Better Get Used to Advertisements"

huh, XBLIVE is a paid service....and they shove tons and TONS of ads down our throats, soo...what's up with your "Get Used to Advertisements" if its free?

calibann2429d ago

@MmaFan-Qc There are no advertisements on xbox live for products that you can't access ON xbox live.

sikbeta2429d ago

bwahahaha, no thanks >:(

darthv722429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

"tons and tons" you do know the difference between figuratively and literally...right?

In any case. For the most part, the ads shown are for content related to something on xblive. for example, a movie trailer for Brave that auto plays in the lower corner is relative to the marketplace where you can go and watch more movie trailers.

That is why we see ads for things that relate and not in general. I have yet to see a Maxi-pad ad but if there was a game related then perhaps that would change.

XBlive may have ads but they arent shoved down your throat either. They are in the lower corner.

Gaming1012428d ago

By "Game Interupting" obviously they aren't going to interupt gameplay, at most it would be during a loading screen in which case - you're staring at the screen twiddling your thumbs anyway so what's the difference?
You pay for tv and internet and there are ads everywhere, so don't get too upset if Sony wants to get a lock on finally getting some ad revenue to pay for a free service that costs a ton of money to maintain.

humbleopinion2427d ago

"Sorry to burst your bubble but that just isn't the case. Massive court battles have been decisively lost because someone patented an idea that never went into action and someone else used it."
Try to learn how patent law works, and then come back. Those "massive court battles" (which are in 99% of the cases not even settled in court) are for PATENTS THAT WERE USED. In fact, if you try hard you won't be able to find a single court case where a patent holders did not license his patent to at least one legal entity which put it into use - or is in the process of doing so (which is up to the court to decide if enough effort is actually being put into it). This is just how things work - rights for patents that aren't being exercised can be revoked and in some cases ARE revoked.

"This generation of consoles has been rife with payouts and suits lost because MS, Sony, or Nintendo used someone's patented idea or technology. A tech they themselves never put to use."
No it hasn't. Once again: if you clearly examine each patent lawsuit, you will see that each patent has been exercised by either the patent holder, or a licensee of the patent: from Immersion VS Sony to the recent Motorola VS Microsoft. Please try to come up with at least A SINGLE example before making up these statements.

"Most patented ideas by large corporate entities never see the light of day."
Another misunderstanding: A patent actually sees the light of day the minute it is submitted to the USPTO or whatever other patent office. At that point the entire world can see what the patent is about, even if the patent hasn't been exercised (which is probably what you meant to say. This is even funnier in fact than misplacing revoked with provoked ;) ). See case in headline as a fine example of a patent seeing the light of day.

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zeal0us2429d ago

I bet hundred of thousands of people hope this patent never see the light of day.

WeskerChildReborned2429d ago

People will probably rage when an AD interupts their game aha and this sound's like a really bad idea especially if you're playing Multiplayer games and a ad pops up.

Rockefellow2429d ago

The problem is, they already do this on demos. As soon as you finish it, and even sometimes during a demo, you're bombarded with ads.

Now, if they implement the PS+ architecture for all users, where the full game is free for a specified amount of time, I can see this being something they implement.

marioPSUC2429d ago

The only ads you see after a demo, or atleast I see are ads for the game you just played. And you don't have to watch them you can just go back to the the dashboard or xmb

Lubu2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

If they offer free games, then I'm fine with in game ads, as long as they aren't too frequent and don't pop in at bad times, like middle of combat.
I play the free version of DC Universe Online, and every once in a while, after a safe house load, I get an ad for something available as DLC. I don't mind it since it's ads for in game items and I'm getting to play the game for free.
Just like my free copy of Motorstorm RC for the Vita. It was sponsored by Scion, so I don't mind seeing the Scion splash screen as the game boots up.

kevnb2429d ago

xbox live gold already has ads, im surprised sony never put them in. But thats a good thing on sony, i dont want someone to try and sell me pop tarts when im trying to game.

ronin4life2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

As far as I know, xbl ads are dash board only. Actual gameplay is left alone.

This patent is for showing you ads *while you are actively playing the game*.
You just shot 2 guards and are getting ready to finish off the last one, then the gameplay starts to slow down until it reaches a pause... at which point, an add is shown. After a warning indicating gameplay shall resume, you pick up where you left off(until the next ad.)

Of course, little detail is given. Ads could be placed during loading screens, or in multiplayer waiting rooms as well/instead.

DOMination-2429d ago

lol obviously this is nonsense. Sony has respect for gamers unlike MS with their dashboard ads.

calibann2429d ago

Microsoft do not advertise external products. Only products that are available on Xbox live. (e.g arcade titles 75% off this weekend) I can tell you don't have an xbox 360.

DOMination-2429d ago

ummmm no Calibann lol I didn't realise that you could purchase a real VW Beetle over Xbox Live

Baka-akaB2429d ago

"Microsoft do not advertise external products." And why do we care about that point ? All that matter is that it's ads .

Besides you're not even right about that

calibann2425d ago

Wow, guess i've been away from Live longer than I thought. Colour me embarrassed. What a douchey move by Microsoft.

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xAlmostPro2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

This title is dumb, Sony have a Patent that includes the addition of ad's during gameplay.

NOT PSN will now be rammed full of ads(XBL has ads on the dash so..) They also do NOT have a plan to interupt gaming, fact is this day and age more so with the internet they wouldn't get away with that.

If anything i can see this being used for free 1 hour game trials for non plus members, or the way they're going with the PS Suite sdk, it may be an optional choice for developers who release free apps/games, like they do with some free android games etc.

It's just a patent, don't cry about it until it's being used. I mean if Sony have made this so other pay them to use it, then it only makes the other companies look worse, which is smart business wise.

Hellsvacancy2429d ago

Screw Sony IF they do this, i HATE adverts, thats why i dont watch TV, i download what i wanna watch

If Sony does this next gen ill be packin up and movin to PC gamin, ive already kinda started with StarCraft 2

geddesmond2429d ago

If Sony ever implanted this into PSN expect one of their only divisions thats making them money right now to start losing profits. The day this happens is the day I sell everything PS3 related and buy a good gaming PC and if PS4 has it then thats the final nail in the coffin for me.

I'm already unsure about moving next gen with the way companies handle DLC and all these online passes and rumours of gamings being locked to 1 consol. WTF goes through these companies minds.

Imagine going to the cinema and half ways through the film it stops for a 3 minute ad break or imagine paying the 15 euros to watch a film and your asked if you want to pay another 5 euros to watch a 20 minute clip that continues the end of the film.

This greed is slowly killing the industry. An industry that used to be about people wanting to make the best possible game they could for gamers which is why we loved it s much but now it just about squeezing blood from a stone.

I'm afraid these publishers will not cop on until its too late

gaden_malak2429d ago

I saw this today and KNEW some pathetic blogger would run with this.

It. Will. Not. Happen.

Droidbro2428d ago

I guess Sony really is closing the gap with Xbox Live.

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Patriots_Pride2429d ago

So Sony is filing for a patent where they can interrupt your game play and hit you with some ads.

Very innovative.

Snookies122429d ago

Yeah, if this happens I no longer support Sony lol.

ziggurcat2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

don't worry, this is nothing more than a fear mongering article.

i mean... gotta stir the pot right before E3 when everyone knows sony's going to own it this year, right?

edit: disagree already? wow, that was quick... you're either an idiot or you actually believe the nonsense proposed in the article.

Rockefellow2429d ago

GamePlox is super-pro Sony. I think this article is written out of disappointment, if anything.

slaton242429d ago

guys it would not be during think activision, EA, ND...and the rest of the developers and producers will want this to the people have said above,"maybe on loading screens, waiting to start up a match in multiplayer, or just to have it so no one else is going to use it." some of you just need to think a little about that...but if u want to jump the ship to the other ship go right on ahead...they do ads on live and free

iamnsuperman2429d ago

I see this type of thing really happening in Home than actual games (and not interrupting but while waiting for game sessions to load). To be honest I see this type of thing happening in online games very soon. Before an online match an advert will play or a banner will play at the bottom. I am surprised it hasn't happened yet in home consoles as it is a very common feature on mobile platforms

DragonKnight2429d ago

Shhhhhh don't give them any ideas.

Jazz41082429d ago

If you want free psn to continue you will deal with ads in one way or another I'm sure.

Biggest2429d ago

How many years before your sure becomes reality? It's been free since day one. I say we give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. When/If it happens we can worry about it.

TekoIie2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

..... F2P games.... Sony is totally going to bring a game out and make money out of it with ads. In all honesty if in playing a free game and an ad pops up at "half time" or something I'm not going to complain because I didn't pay to play this game.

GamingPerson2429d ago

And in the end there was steam.