What Erotic Game Actresses Really Look Like

Some of them are pretty. Some of them aren't. But all of them are erotic game voice actresses for explicit Japanese PC games. Keep in mind: These ladies are hired because they have cute or sexy voices, not because they are cute or sexy. So here's some illusion killing pics!

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kingOVsticks4670d ago

looks like a Japaneses ugly betty (barf)

LJWooly4670d ago

No need to be horrible, i'll bet you don't look much better.

LJWooly4670d ago

Most of them are alright, but when it comes to asian girls i'm not really picky :D

That was a joke. But seriously, they didn't need to be so horrible as to say "illusion-killing images".

moses4670d ago

One I saw on there was really damn pretty, some were alright, the vast majority were pretty umm....yeah...