Sleeping Dogs, will we forget about the GTA V release?

A title that seemed to be a bit under the radar, considering all the summer hype of Diablo 3, Max Payne 3 etc – Sleeping Dogs should be released on August 14th 2012, and so far it seems to be a pretty action packed game. Taking place in Hong Kong you will become an under-covered cop, in the middle of Triad War.

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LOGICWINS2434d ago, but it'll make the wait for GTAV a hell of a lot easier if it comes out next Spring.

fermcr2433d ago

"Sleeping Dogs, will we forget about the GTA V release?"

LOL. Good joke.

Kurylo3d2433d ago

This game honestly looks 10x better then any GTA game... the hand to hand combat alone makes this one worth it.. not to mention that its in hong kong.

Frankfurt2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

GTA 4 was mediocre, and the 101 trailer for Sleeping Dogs does show more than any GTA to date ever had.

But obviously, people are sheep and fall into hype. I'll only believe GTA 5 will be good AFTER i've played it - GTA 4 was praised to hell and it was far below Just Cause 2 and Saint's Row 2 and 3.

All. Hype.

morganfell2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Forget? I didn't even remember. I can put 6 titles in my most wanted. The Last of Us, Dust 514, Heart of the Swarm (fingers crossed on the release), The Vita exclusive Bioshock title (fingers crossed again), Path of Exile, and Sleeping Dogs.

They have instituted so many good core mechanics, which easily reign over mini-games, a great story with a lead character not wearing a buzz cut and it is set in a non-US city, along with a superb physics implementation all in a sandbox environment.

The main points left to be seen are the number and type of story and non-story driven side missions, linearity of story progression missions, vehicle driving physics (Mafia II far above GTA IV), and interaction with the street NPCs. There are a few other things here and there but E3 should answer most of those questions for us.

GTA suffers from built in hype (and thus other games suffer) and people treat the titles with an automatic dismissal of shortcomings. So much of GTA IV was not 10 worthy yet there it was with fanboys rather than objective reviewers tossing out 10 after 10.

IGN gave GTA IV a 10 for visuals because they said the graphics "pushed the envelope". Really? I laughed my ass off when I read that bit of tripe. Go back and look at the titles already out when GTA IV launched and several just didn't surpass GTA IV, they held it down and beat GTA like it owed them money.

Max Payne 3 has, in many ways, been provided the same wash. It had numerous "we'll pretend that doesn't exist" issues and the game has already dropped off the radar for many. Yet here it is getting 9s and 10s because the rating scheme in this business is designed so reviewers with a grade school level mentality can gush like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert over a title they like while they and their non existent editorial policy pretend freeway wide problems and idiotic design choices do not exist in the game.

We all sit around and wonder why we keep getting the stale titles we do, why the innovation is missing and the truth is it can all be tied back to 2 reasons. Untalented hacks whose internet access and position allow them to unjustly drive sales in the industry, and the fanbase that continues to gobble up the latest brain dead substandard junk only to caterwaul over it later. There is a reason the AI in games is so broken and has not progressed along with the visual side of development and that is because you can't stick a poster about AI in a Gamestop window.

GTA V may be a good game but right now it is not coming this year and of no consequence. GTA IV is hardly the high bar I would want to reach as a developer. Personally I have more hope for this game than just reaching the GTA level and as such the comparisons really need to go away.

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves now. This game does look like it will be promising. This game wasn't on my radar until 2 months back, but as a long time GTA fan playing this game will only make me want GTA 5 more.

Patriots_Pride2434d ago

This is what GTA 4 should have been and not the steaming piece of sh!t that R* gave us.

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dark-hollow2434d ago

It would be something to be proud of for the developers if this game is even half as good as Gta IV.

Patriots_Pride2434d ago

I guess your looking forward to the following in GTA 5:

Up-gradable cellphone (iphone 5 GTA)
Washing your car
Faster internet surfing now with 4G
Cars that handle like the tires are made of butter
Going to the movies with your sister
Eating Pizza and Hot dogs
Going to a drift shop to buy some swagga
Going to point B and dropping or picking up some one to head back to point a
Fight hobos

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago

You can turn your phone off... just to let you know.

Just because people like GTA4 doesn't mean they like it's flaws and want it to be in GTA5...

Brash_Attack2432d ago

There's no point reasoning with a troll. Just ignore him and he'll go back to COD.

Uncharted2Vet2433d ago

c'mon now this is stupid. saying that new IP will make anyone forget about a juggernaut like GTA is beyond ridiculous

aPerson2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Forget GTAV? Unlikely -- and I don't mean that in a bad way. Sleeping Dogs looks fantastic, but it's not going to make me lose any interest in GTAV. Why would it?

I'm looking forward to both games.

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