RPGs Everywhere

Have you noticed RPG elements creeping into your other games? We look at why so many game genres are borrowing things from role-playing games.

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Valenka2434d ago

Considering the fact that roleplaying games usually always do everything right, I see no harm in other genres taking notes.

SavageKuma2434d ago

Taking a bit of elements from RPG's is not a bad thing.

FunkMacNasty2434d ago

Agree with you guys^^^^ The persistent upgrading of character's abilities, choice making, and dialougue that has trickled from RPG's into more action oriented games has only been for the better.

My favorite most recent example of a hybrid RPG/action would have to be Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Hicken2433d ago

Because RPGs tend to grab the attention like few other genres can, and they can do so without needing other players or any extra components. Online FPS or MMOs can have people sink plenty of hours into them, but they both have that basic "level up and unlock to improve yourself" mechanic that started in RPGs.

LightofDarkness2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

More games like Deus Ex, Borderlands and Bioshock can't be a bad thing. Unless they're carbon copies.

DragonKnight2433d ago

It's fine to take RPG elements and add them to a different genre, but one of my biggest peeves is when you then proceed to call said game an RPG. If most of the gameplay centers around aspects that AREN'T traditionally RPG styles, then the game ISN'T an RPG; it merely has elements of an RPG.