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The Controller Online writes: "After taking a few weeks off, Square-Enix are back to finish the job with the last DLC pack for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess is described the “completion of Lightning’s exciting story”. This DLC can be exciting, if level grinding the same battle over and over is your idea of exciting. If you were looking forward to closing out the story of Final Fantasy XIII-2 prepare to fight Caius fifteen or twenty times first."

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richierich2341d ago

They should stop making DLC for this game its a dead horse

Kratoscar20082341d ago

This series is broken beyond reapir, DLC for this is just to extend the suffering, SE is dead (At least in the jrpg genre).

kent800820072341d ago

FF type-zero is actually pretty good, though it's an arpg, I hope versus will be built around the same mechanisms

Derpy2341d ago

I agree. I didn't like the first one at all and the demo for this one did not convince me that I wanted to buy it.

iamtehpwn2341d ago

They DID stop making DLC for this game, Requiem of the Goddess and Snow's story were the final DLC's.

PshycoNinja2341d ago

What is up iamtehpwn!

Long time since I have seen you on a XIII-2 article. You excited about E3? I have a good feeling about Versus XIII showing up soon (and by soon I mean either E3 or GamesCom).

iamtehpwn2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Hey PsychoNinja, How've you been?

Yeah dude, I'm hyped for E3. It would make me really happy if Versus XIII gets renamed to Final Fantasy XV, but I'll settle for anything big from Square this year. They said they wanted to make Final Fantasy (number iterations) come out every 1-2 years now like it did in the good ol' days, and considering Versus is already pretty far along, why not?

Business wise and Fan service wise, that's a good decision...I'm really hoping FFXV is revealed this year, whether its Versus XIII rebranded, or a new game entirely.

PshycoNinja2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Agreed! I just want something/anything Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts related announced at E3. That would make it a good E3 in my book.

Edit: Out of Bubbles ;A;! How has it come to this! Lol.

Godmars2902341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Not getting why the description suggests this is less than mediocre, and yet there's a 9/10 score on the top of the page.

maybe its what they gave for the full XIII-2 game, but it comes off as possibly misleading to see that score.

If this is S/E's of fixing FFXIII which is what XIII-2 was suppose to do, can only agree with you. Can only worry about vsXIII.

Kratoscar20082341d ago

I hope VS will be good, that game could be SE starting point to get up or the game that put the last nail in the coffing.

What worries me is that XIII was very hyped too and the game was mediocre, that 9 just only show me that i cant trusth in professional reviewers.

Lovable2341d ago

Lol. Love the hate FF 13's getting. I can't wait ti'll Versus 13 fails to meet the "fans" EXTREMELY high expectations.

For the record, ROTG was a very welcome addition to explained what happened to Lightning. Great Job SE and I can't wait for FF 13-3.

PshycoNinja2341d ago

Oh how cute. A XIII fan who thinks their opinion is the only right opinion.

1) I am not in the boat that thinks Square as completely failed us this gen (Crisis Core, Birth by Sleep and The World Ends With You were all superb games. Interesting how Tetsuya Nomura, the guy who is directing Versus XIII, had a hand in every one of those games.)

2) However XIII was not a good game in the slightest. Not even by JRPG standards, let alone Final Fantasy standards. So it WAS disappointing to a lot of fans that they made a sequel. Some people think that XIII-2 was a good game and others disagree but everyone agrees that THE SEQUEL WAS NOT ASKED FOR. And except for the very few, no one is asking for XIII-3.

3) The reason people are excited about Versus XIII is because of the creative talent behind the game (Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts Team for Gameplay and the Advent Children team behind the cutscenes. Plus many developers from FFVII, VIII and X are working on the game and story). People are also excited because the game is returning to the three things that make Final Fantasy great:
- An Epic, Emotional Story
- World Map
- Involved, fun gameplay

You hate the fact that people "hate" on XIII but yet you just railed against Versus XIII. There have been games that have taken a long time to make that meet fans expectations (Diablo 3, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Crisis Core) so why can't Versus XIII? It's a little hypocritical on your part.

Kratoscar20082341d ago

Dukenukem Forever
Too Human

Just saying.

Godmars2902341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Oh look, another gamer who can't tell the difference between handheld and console games...

And what little info S/E has deemed to leak out confirms *NOTHING* of what vsXIII will actually be.

Can you even question that your savior Nomura has been working on other projects during this time? That JRPGs in general have had issues on the PS3 and 360?

Lovable2341d ago


haha oh man did I struck a nerve that you had to write that extremely long wall of text?

Anyways, I think you're the one who can't take the FACT that people likes FF 13 and 13-2, and thinks that his OPINION is better than anyone. Also, do you even know what "Hyprocritical" means? You should know what it means first before you use it on a sentence. You just made yourself look like a fool. LOL

TheLeapist2341d ago

While I'm not the biggest fan of XIII either I really have to agree with lovable on this one in that your post is the epitome of hypocrisy. Not to mention I know more people in real life that liked XIII/XIII-2 than didn't. The thing about the internet is it's where people go to complain far more than they do to praise. So most things end up seeming like they're hated by a much larger percentage of people than they really are.

goldwyncq2341d ago

The Historia Crux in xiii-2 was kinda like a world map already.

Nerdmaster2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

It seems that the new trend in N4G is pointing at anyone and saying "you think your opinion is a fact". If you can't stand reading another person's opinions, what are you doing reading the comments? Read the article then close the page.

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belac092341d ago

all i wanna know is why the hell didnt we get type 0 over here in the states? i want that one more thatn vs. 13 even.