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Torchlight 2 doesn't have a release date yet, until then check out Casey's impressions of the Torchlight 2 Beta on the PC.

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Dylken2336d ago

Played the beta right up until today. truly looking forward to this game.

Bakkies2336d ago

How does it compare to Diablo 3? I've already got Torchlight 2 on pre-order and I'm very curious.

Dylken2335d ago

I had about 15 hours logged into the diablo 3 beta (i decided not to buy it after this) and about 20 logged into the T2 beta. To this day Diablo 2 remains my all time favorite game. i had a lvl 90 smiter for torch farming, 92 trapsin, both with near perfect gear and charms. I only bring this up so you know how much i love games like this.

Diablo 3 in no way did it justice. it feels like a mix of WoW with Titan Quest, which in its own right is a great game, but in no way feels like diablo 2 did; more MMO then ARPG.

Torchlight on the other hand is exactly what i was looking for and more. Firstly, Pet system easily trumps the merc system in D3. Secondly i really prefer the old school skill / stat points builds over the auto assigned stats / runes of D3. and finally the combat - the combat in torchlight 2 is the most fun i've had in an ARPG - quick yet challenging, yet delivering a very satisfying feeling of blowing stuff up. a person couldnt spend 20$ better then investing it in this game.

PS - mod support will truly make this game a gem a year from now.

Hope this helps

Psychonaughty2335d ago

Ignore Dylken, obvious fanboy is obvious. TL2 is a low budget arpg, set your expectations accordingly.

ThanatosDMC2336d ago

I'm disappointed about the direction Diablo 3 took. It's an all right game but a terrible sequel. It wouldnt stand on it's own legs if it wasnt named Diablo.

Anyway, how was Torchlight 2?

Dylken2335d ago

lol, there's my above comments

Bakkies2335d ago

Thanx! You're comment is helpful and insightful.

I also played Diablo 2 to death, had a lvl 91 Zealer and a 88 assassin trapper. Had all the gear, phase blade, enigma armor, fortitude etc etc. That is the only reason I'm playing Diablo 3 at the moment, I have to see what the end game has to offer. But I'm having a hard time completing the game again in Hell, because it's getting a bit boring... Same shit, different difficulty.

Torchlight has the opportunity to become the Saints Row of the ARPG world. No, not the over the top sibling, but a reminder of what made GTA/Diablo 3 a good game in the past. I am very excited about T2's LAN play, which may be a game changer in comparison to Diablo 3.

Thanks again for your insight.

tarbis2336d ago

Finished my first beta playthrough with engineer. Doing my 2nd run with embermage. Hopefully I can level it up to 21 before the beta closes. =P