Resident Evil 6 Producer Teases the Inclusion of Jill and Claire

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Producer of Resident Evil 6, admitted that a lot of people have been talking about whether or not Jill and Claire are going to be present in Resident Evil 6, and he has finally commented on the matter.

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user54670072340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Seriously Jill should be in this

Chris goes to a dark place in RE6 and his best friend, partner and possible love interest who should be there supporting him is no where to be seen. Oh but Capcom have decided to get her out of the picture to make way for the uninteresting Piers.

Thanks Capcom

Like always Capcom keep adding uninteresting characters and ignore stucturing a story around bringing back old fan favorites who's stories havent been resolved yet.

The_Devil_Hunter2340d ago

Your looking right at Devil May Cry arent you? lol.

What a horrible way to end a series, "hey lets make it a reboot before we finish the interesting plot holes."

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AznGaara2340d ago

Are they on-disc DLC? lol

In all seriousness I'd love to see Jill in this. But being before Resident Evil 5 wouldn't that mean she'd still be with Wesker? Oh well I got Ada :)

Uncharted2Vet2340d ago

re6 is not before re5 dude

Army_of_Darkness2340d ago

"I'd love to see Jill in this. But being before Resident Evil 5 wouldn't that mean she'd still be with Wesker?"

AznGaara2339d ago

I could've sworn i read that Re6 takes place 11 years after Racoon City and Re5 took place 12 years after. Oops lol

LackTrue4K2340d ago

and to top it off its, "Disk Lock Content"

jeeves862340d ago

Semantics. Because the director didn't flat-out deny the fact that Claire and Jill would be there? I wouldn't call this a tease other than a thoughtful chess move.

They may not be included in the main campaign, but they may be included in DLC later on down the line. Or, since this is Capcom, at launch.

RufustheSage2340d ago

Going to stick to my theory that Claire dies and that's why Chris is so upset and hell bent for revenge/justice.

Vgameman2340d ago

I'll cry.

And then be severely pissed off at Capcom.

SOD_Delta2340d ago

@ RufustheSage Thats that same thing im thinking happens either Claire or Jill dies.

CaptCalvin2340d ago

Shouldn't the girl in the trailer calling the president her father be Claire?

IRetrouk2340d ago

No Claire is Chris redfields sister, your thinking of Ashley I think, can't really remember her name

CaptCalvin2340d ago

Oh yea lol had a brain fart my bad

abzdine2340d ago

I hate this game already. Where are the puzzles, the dark scary atmosphere and the survival aspect where i had only 1 bullet in the gun for hours and only 1 ink ribbon.

Resident Evil is not what it was and that's a pity. it's just a bad TPS now.

It's an old hardcore fan of the series talking :)

Lucretia2340d ago

I know right!!!! what happened to the horrible combat mechanics! the God aweful camera angles, the Horrid controls, The zombies who were only obstacles and could just be run passed!

what happened to Needing a rocket launcher or grenade launcher to defeat bosses because the gameplay sucked so bad!???

What happened to all the back tracking!!!!

And the ink ribbons!!! omg I loved having to leave my console on for hours because i had to go to work and didnt have an ink ribbon!!!

sorry dude, I will say i do want puzzles back, I do want a scary atmosphere, but the gameplay is going in a great and actual fun direction minus zombies with guns

if they can fuse the great elements of the classics with the new gameplay it will be flawless

abzdine2340d ago

I dont agree, gameplay was great and it wasn't about shooting and shooting but it was about reading a map, use the brain to memorize special areas and optimize the items use.

They just made Operation Racoon City, why make one more action Resident ? :'(

MdotBreed2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I'm all for Leon and company taking a few gymnastic classes to contend with more nimble zombies. But I also wouldn't mind a little more scarcity with the ammo so you can't necessarily clear out every last enemy in the area. But if we must kill every last enemy, Capcom should take a page from Dead Space 2's book. It was fast-paced action but you definitely had to make your shots count.

As for puzzles, it's unfortunate but the majority of video game players have the attention spans of nats and won't stand for anything less than instant gratification. If they can't solve the puzzle within five minutes, then they're going to complain. What was the extent of a puzzle in RE5? Traveling from island to island, collecting pieces of a emblem to open a door? And even that was idiot-proof because they gave you a map.

And I personally miss ink ribbons. This whole check-point business goes right back to idiots and their instant gratification. The idea of having to redo ANYTHING is absurd to them. Yeah, it was frustrating as hell to die and redo a half hour of work. But I'll be damned if it didn't make you play smarter and give you a huge sense of accomplishment when you finally did progress far enough to find a new ink ribbon.

What I just can't accept are these Javo characters toting around machine guns forcing you to play as if you're playing an all-out shooter. If you want an excuse to use a machine gun, add more zombies. Don't create these super-intelligent zombies that are basically just humans with leprosy.

And Jake's scenario is rumored to play like Devil May Cry. Capcom is just throwing in different play-styles to lure fans of various genres into buying the game. Great marketing strategy but a huge slap in the face to the die-hard fans who made Resident Evil the big-name franchise that it is today. Devious bastards.. *End rant*

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