Father Ted Creator Questions Rockstar's Writing

Graham Linehan, writer of comedy shows Father Ted & The IT Crowd has been tweeting his opinions on Rockstar's story telling ability and video game writing in general.

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user54670072337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Least someone had the balls to bring this up. Compared to past MP games this falls short on the story and thats the most important part of the franchise. I think hype and the fact that it's Rockstar has protected the company again with some of the flaws with MP3 and those flaws is based around the fact that it dosen't really feel like a MP game, something which it's supposed to be.

I mean Graham Linehan is a fantastic writter, to create something like the "Gay Musical" episode of the IT Crowd was genius. It would be nice to see great tv show writters have a go at writting a story for a video game.

Least it's someone as talented as him saying this and not some everyday reviewer.

Anyway since he's got that off his chest hasn't he got the IT Crowd Speical to get on with...and maybe the film he said he might do :)

christian hour2336d ago

He's the only reason I'd consider joining twitter, good thing I can look at his tweets without having to sign up, and have been doing so for nearly two years :) Would love to see him take a stab at video game writing, but first he needs to give us that IT crowd finale special!

TheLyonKing2336d ago

Love that episode, where Roy pretends to be disabled and how all the characters meet at the end was clever writing.

He knows what he is talking about also the countdown episode was really well written.

user54670072336d ago

Apparently if he had more time in the episode he was going to have a scene where Roy and Moss meet each other while Roys in the Wheelchair and Moss is behind the bar.

I hope they do a film, It would be hard work but it would pay off in the end.

He's done Father Ted, Blackbooks and the IT Crowd but with how much people relate to the IT Crowd he should keep going with it for a little longer before moving onto a new sitcom

iamnsuperman2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Video game writing in general isn't very good. There are some stand out games that do it very well but a lot of the games have really bad dialogue (often movie cheesy standard) and stories that really do not make any sense.

Hellsvacancy2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Deus Ex 3 was AWESOME

Bimkoblerutso2336d ago

I think a lot of times it's a matter of context more than a lack of ability, too. I mean, context pretty much flies out the window when Niko claims to be a fairly reluctant, repentent gangster in the cutscenes...and then seemingly mass murders hundreds and hundreds of people through the course of the game, and that's if the player is good and doesn't randomly decide to go on a killing rampage.

There's just no way to write around that...

OcelotRigz2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

(*SPOILERS* regarding GTAIV & Red Dead Redemption)

Exactly. Its completely different writing for games opposed to tv and film. You are in control of the character(s), so they have to write something that applies to and doesn't contradict the many possible actions the gamer can do with the protagonist. Its very hard to do.

I think it would be better to judge a story on its general outline and main plot points, instead of focusing on the main characters actions. You made a great example above how Niko contradicted the story, but if you just look at it where its a story where a man who after seeing his friends die, seeks revenge but does some horrible things along the way. He thinks by getting revenge would bring him redemption and solve his problems. As we know, when everything is done and dusted, he feels no different, it didnt solve a thing. I loved that scene at the end where he realises this and his cousin remarks "You did it..." and Niko says "Really? I don't know. What did I do?"

Red Dead was a somewhat similar story and i thought it was done really well, among the best game stories out there. After all his actions, trying to escape the past, Marston thought he could live happily ever after, he didnt. It was never going to work, he lived by the bullet so he would die by the bullet.

I might as well add the masterpiece that is Bioshock, for stories in games doesnt get much better than that. Andrew Ryan didnt like the world he lived in, it was too flawed, so he created his own world, his own Utopia. As we learned by traversing through Rapture, witnessing the destruction and madness and listening to the recordings, what Ryan learned was that the world wasnt flawed, man was.

I like Linehan, he created my favorite comedy of all time, the show ive seen at least a 1000 times and still laugh, Father Ted, we just differ in opinion because if anyone can write a good story for a game, its Rockstar.


If he thinks that about R* writting I really want to know what he thinks about other games.

MP3 is not perfect. personally I think the whole colours blurring and screen shaking etc is over done. Those are minor things though.

Compared to most big games I can think of, I think R* writting is way way better then most. I hate the writting in ME3 for example. Listening to Shepard talk almost makes me want to pull my hair out!

He should have a go and doing some writting, it's about time this area in video games was given some good attention. There are a lot of games I still play for the story but I guess I am one of the few. Most don't, they just want to shoot stuff so thats what the industry looks towards the most.

kevnb2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

i wish most video games would just forget about trying to present an epic story, 9 times out of 10 they fail miserably and it just drags the experience down.
That being said, I dont think max payne 3 was nearly as offensively bad as most games.

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