Imagine Tetris as a Big Budget Hollywood Film And This is What You Get

From PSS:

Battleship has been flopping pretty hard at the box office, but if a game as old as that can get it’s own action driven movie, why not something like Tetris? That’s exactly the idea behind this hilarious trailer.

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DarkHorse2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

It totally is real.I saw it yesterday after Hungry Hungry Hippos:The Movie.Bruce Willis plays a hell of a hippo and the guest appearance by Clint Eastwood was a nice touch.

WeskerChildReborned2365d ago

Let's hope we never see a 'Monopoly' movie.

darklordzor2365d ago

Oh I'm sure a Monopoly movie is going to happen. They've already talked about it a few times.

FaSCoRP2365d ago

this seems to be better than Skyline

mcgrottys2365d ago

well we already got rock em sock robots the movie.

MidnytRain2365d ago

The funniest part is that Hollywood would genuinely try to do this. After what we've seen, this could totally happen, lol.