Konami and Autumn Games made off with $14 million, says City National Bank

GameDynamo - "Looks like Konami and Autumn Games are due in court. City National Bank claims that the two companies defrauded the bank of funds totaling $14 million dollars related to the development of Def Jam Rapstar. According to City National, the two companies lied to the bank to secure Autumn a line of credit, claiming that revenue from sales for the karaoke title would cover the loans."

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jc485732578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

they also lied to us about Silent Hill HD Collection being everything like the originals. Shit, I take them to court too.

black9112578d ago

I love Def Jam Rapstar I hope they make a sequel.

Ethereal2578d ago

That game did not sell at all. Ouch...I still have 18 copies sitting around at work.

Tonester9252578d ago

I wish they would've made a new Def Jam fighting game like Fight For New York. Now that would've sold! That's what happens when you try to follow trends.

black9112578d ago

With this gen since online is so big. WHy dont they being back games like Def jam FFNY on PSn or xbox live with online play that would be amazing. I would love to play all my old ps2 games games online like nfl 2k5,fight night,twisted metal black,ssx,granturismo3 etc.