GamerNode | Max Payne 3 Review

GamerNode Editor-in-Chief Eddie Inzauto writes: "Time slows, and the precision of bullet-time gunplay reflects alcoholic, pill-addicted Max Payne’s focused determination in a narrative of personal redemption, and an existence he perceives as out of control – thrown to the wind, yet gripped like a vise..."

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DanCrabtree2435d ago

Awww yeaaaaah. Bullet time.

Panthers2435d ago

Only heard amazing things about this game. I might have to pick it up. Itll be the first game I get since getting SWTOR.

italianbreadman2434d ago

I guess that means SWTOR is good, then?

Panthers2434d ago

Yea and that I need/deserve to get a game lol. Ive been working too much.

Hufandpuf2435d ago

I have to buy this game, but I have no monies!

italianbreadman2434d ago

It's very worth it when you do have monies!

rmedtx2434d ago

I know... I used to buy games all the time. Now a days I just don't have the extra money to do that. There are so many really good games out there I can't afford right now. :(