Mounted Combat arrives in latest Skyrim Update

Bethblog writes, "While we can’t share details on Dawnguard yet, we’re excited to announce another new feature making its way into the game… Mounted Combat! Like the recently added Kinect support (360) and new kill cameras, this highly-requested feature that was teased in the Skyrim Game Jam video is arriving by way of a free title update. In fact, by opting into the latest Steam Beta Update, PC users can check out the feature today."

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aviator1892337d ago

Aha, that's totally going to be awesome.

Anon19742337d ago

When I received the game for Christmas I played nothing but for almost 4 months (taking a breather now, but I'll get back to it). In that entire time I have yet to even ride a single horse.

JsonHenry2336d ago

If I remember correctly you could do this in the TES: Daggerfall way back in 1997.

Moncole2337d ago

This should have been in Oblivion.

synchroscheme2337d ago

It was through mods, albeit a bit clunky. So I'm assuming that the groundwork was already set by the modding community and then Bethesda was either inspired to implement it themselves or just improved on the mod itself.

Always fun to stab a fool on horseback. :)

McSpermie2337d ago

Bethesda can be very generous with the features that most companies would charge for. While Skyrim might not have been what it should have been, you got to admire how they're not milking it at all.

Genghis2337d ago

Meh, the combat system in skyrim is the worst thing about the game. Don't know if mounted combat will help it any...

Forbidden_Darkness2337d ago

I personally enjoy the combat in Skyrim, but that's obviously my opinion.

lastdual2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Essentially, Skyrim's combat is "good enough".

Combat has never been the core of Elder Scrolls, and if what you're primarily looking for is a deep combat system with multi-hit combos, counters and air-juggling, then the series really isn't for you.

TES excels at crafting a detailed, immersive world. Fans would rather see real bugs such as broken quests get ironed out, rather than the combat get "fixed" simply to appease the action crowd.

ljh2172337d ago

Who cares? Your character will look like a BADASS!

an0nym0us2337d ago

Like the type of BAD ASS that stabs shit while riding a horse!


The type of BAD ASS that shocks shit while riding a horse =D!!!1!1

InTheLab2337d ago

Tell me about it. Now you can cut air while on horseback.

TheLeapist2337d ago

Looks like Skyrim is slowly but surely being finished. We're almost there.

mynameisEvil2336d ago

Isn't it sad that a game that's been released for 6 months is a game to which you're now saying, "It's getting finished"?


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The story is too old to be commented.