NPD monthly reports integrate Walmart data starting next month

Every month, the NPD Group releases a report on the previous month's US sales in the game industry, both consoles and software. While that monthly report is already "projected to 100% of the market," according to NPD Group's David Riley, next month, it'll get bolstered by the nation's largest retailer: Walmart.

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Titanz2342d ago

Hopefully, for everyone interested in NPD monthly game sales statistics.

GraveLord2342d ago

So up until now Walmart sales have only been estimated?
Kinda like VgChartz!

testerg352342d ago

LOL.. with vgchartz everything is a guess.

SuperLupe2342d ago

It wont change anything to the figures. 360 outsells the PS3 in the USA, I dont see why the PS3 would outsell the 360 at walmart only and the opposite all over the country.

Janitor2342d ago

Who said it would? Way to inject fanboyism into a completely neutral article.

tallkidoPL2342d ago

Pretty nice of walmart :)

BitbyDeath2342d ago

So will this make it the only accurate statistic on NPD? :-p