Nvidia CEO describes strategic importance of cloud graphics

Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang told analysts today just how important cloud graphics will be to the world. The company announced last week that its recently announced Kepler-based graphics chips are capable of cloud graphics. That means they can process graphics for multiple users in a data center and then dispatch the appropriate graphics as needed to the displays of distant remote users.

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Titanz2339d ago

Though it won't be consumer friendly if your capped by your internet provider.

soundslike2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

When cloud gaming takes off, isp's won't be able to get away with data limits. They would be undercut and put out of business by a new player who realized this.

Tyre2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

This is turning your back towards the 'do it yourself' PC/home computer builders and the 80ies culture which made the Computer/Graphics Cards/Games Industry big. This is selling your soul to the devil because it is more convenient. This will suck and mean no more insight for consumers into hardware and software=no more self taught individuals. This is a return to the 70ies mainframes culture and a monopoly for big companies. A sad development. Remember this is not about games only.

SKUD2339d ago

I agree. If there hell bent of moving this forward soon the only people buying there hardware will be businesses and themselves. I hope that employee discount is good.

GamingPerson2339d ago

I wish them good luck. They have really been pushing technology to the limit! Can't wait to see unreal 4 on gtx 680 at E3!


Hope cloud gaming is pushed in countries other than in America like here in Sweden we have no caps and most people with a fiber connection can have 1Gbit/s already, and 100Mbit/s only cost like 5$ /Month.