New footage from Dialbo-y MMO Mythos

CVG writes:

"A new gameplay trailer from Flagship Studios' forthcoming fantasy MMO Mythos is reporting for duty in our video player.

Mythos is currently in beta and it'll be free to download and play come the arrival of the full-fat version. It's been influenced by Diablo, which comes as no surprise considering the team working on it boasts ex-Blizzard North staffers."

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eyeballpauluk4664d ago

now that actually looks quite cool!

vilmer4664d ago

The game is quite fun! If you are a Diablo fan, this game is for you :)

Salvadore4664d ago

Since it's free, I will definitely give it a try.

Rooted_Dust4664d ago

I think they need to try harder on this one than they did on Hellgate: London. They probably won't get the hype they got last time either.