Destructoid Preview: Sleeping Dogs may be a sleeper hit


The road Sleeping Dogs has taken since first inception has been a rather rocky one. After starting development as its own beast, Activision took up the game in the interest of creating a third iteration in the (admittedly mediocre) True Crime series, called True Crime: Hong Kong. Sadly, it was cancelled in 2011, and that may have been the end of a very promising title. Fortunately, Square Enix picked up the reigns and it's been brought back as Sleeping Dogs.

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NewMonday2340d ago

keep hearing good things, could take us by surprise like the original Batman AA

LOGICWINS2340d ago

Wouldn't call it a "sleeper hit". I won't be surprised by how awesome it'll be once I get my hands on it in August. The gameplay/features/setting speaks for themselves.