Interview: Nintendo's 'Darker, Grittier' Advance Wars

Tim O'Leary is very excited about Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for Nintendo DS. When Wired asked O'Leary, one of Nintendo's top translation talents, to talk about the strategy war game, he launched into a non-stop barrage of information about the game's story and gameplay, which have been given a significantly more realistic, darker tone than other games in the series.

While Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the last Nintendo DS entry in the series, made for "a good turn-based strategy game, but the story, the characters, weren't very realistic," says O'Leary. "Greens, purples, yellows, a happy-go-lucky scenario. This time they said that war is darker and grittier, and war is really fast, you need the ability to react -- to survive on the battlefield, you have to be quick."

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Lex Luthor4671d ago

I hope kanbei is in this one.

ItsDubC4671d ago

Advance Wars is an amazing franchise. This very well could be a GOTY contender.

PS360WII4671d ago

Unfortunately handhelds don't get to much recognition for the GOTY title :(

ItsDubC4671d ago

That's the unfortunate and sad truth. It's as if the GOTY title carries with it the assumption that it is not a handheld game. I know a few publications have different categories for GOTY, one being "Handheld GOTY", and I like that idea.

That being said, GOTY is simply a title for bragging rights.

PS360WII4671d ago

Yea it's like how a Comedy will never win an Oscar

HardcoreGamer4671d ago

or how a kid in the 3rd world country is the best footballer in the world and will never be famous