Crisis Core FFVII gets Euro date

Square Enix has finally given Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII a European release date of "spring".

For those unsure, this is the action RPG that caused PSP sales to multiply six times over in Japan last September.

Set before the renowned Final Fantasy VII, you play as Zack who works for SOLDIER, a military group run by an electric company busy at work on building a metropolis.

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predator4666d ago

sweet, this is the one game im really looking forward to on my psp

decapitator4666d ago

The good news keep flowing in. I can't wait to pick this up when it launches in the US. Definitely one of my most wanted handheld games this year.

n_n4666d ago

so when's the North American release date? it's usually a couple months before EU isn't it? need to get this game in my PSP!

MaximusPrime4666d ago

i really wanted this game. a must have game.

I have been playing my PSP to and from work.

Maldread4666d ago

I havn`t seen many reviews of it, but with such good sales i guess the game can`t be that "bad" huh ? Might get me to buy a PSP this one. Anyone who has seen reviews or tried it so i can make up my mind about buying it ?

decapitator4666d ago

I think the scores in famitsu was 9/9/8/9....but none of the forign sites have previewed it yet. But based on their impressions, it is going to deliver.

Maldread4665d ago

Thanks for the info. Not bad coming from Famitsu, they usually know their stuff. Bubble for your trouble ;)

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