Halo 4: Gorgeous New Concept Art

Three stunning pieces of Halo 4 concept art for you to gawp at.

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guitarse2336d ago

Wow those pics are gorgeous!

MoreConsole2336d ago

I think so too! The new Rail Gun makes me moist.

guitarse2336d ago

Somehow I failed to read that part the first time around, WOW... *drools*

I am of course talking about the rail gun, not your moistening.

aviator1892336d ago

I honestly can't wait to explore Requiem. And blasting some enemies with that rail gun sure will be a blast.

TekoIie2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Are those buildings hanging from the roof in the first pic? Well if they are buildings...

dexter116282336d ago

Just imagine if we get a flying level like New Alexandria in Halo: Reach! I can already imagine me flying a hijacked Banshee around the inside of Requiem

MoreConsole2336d ago

That would be truly epic. I'm pretty certain it'll happen too. Every Halo Game - even ODST - has a level in which you can fly a vehicle. I don't think Halo 4 will be any different.

dexter116282336d ago

what would make it even more epic would be flying that pelican!