What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Can do to “Win” E3

E3 is just around the corner, and speculation around what each company will announce at this incredible event is growing stronger each minute. While Nintendo has already revealed their next gen console and Sony and Microsoft have no plans to show theirs, there is still plenty to be shown by each company. Here are the things Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can do to really steal the attention at the big show.

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mushroomwig2433d ago

If anyone wins at E3 it's the gamers.

FFXI1012433d ago

Yeah, we could look it as a contest or we could just enjoy the show and hope they'll showing more games and maybe some info about the next gen system.

EVILDEAD3602433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Im already calling it..this will be the best E3 in history..until next year.

As for winners..the TRUE winner of E3 is proven through the actual impact it makes AFTER the conference. What happens when those games or hardware show up on retail, does anyone care?

IMO as a HUGE fan of E3 since the days we could only read about them, All 3 companies have a great chance to make a big splash this year.


Sony has to be favored IMO in terms of winning the game media vote as they literally have the most compelling game that may or may not come out..Last Guardian.

The other bigs have to be Last of Us and the God of War prequel.but with sooo many studios under their belt Sony can suprise the world with ANY game from their past stable.

The Sleeper for Sony that can SHOCK the world is if Quantum comes out on stage with another amazing game..ala the hyped up video earlier this year.

My hope is Kevin Butler comes out to promote his appearance in All-Stars..he literaly stole the show two E3s ago

Call of Duty Vita

Announce PS4 and BAM..Huge show


Microsoft will easily top the last two years by simply showing simply showing it owns it's hardcore fanbase AND the casuals with Kinect. This will give them the advantage ala the mainstream media (outside of gaming)

The one two exclusive punch of 343s Halo 4 and Bungie's MMO shooter will have a huge impact on the show.

The Sleeper is Forza Horizon developed by the dream team of Turn 10, Bizarre Creations, and Black Rock studios..could be biggest racer of the year.

Literally having what will be the top selling game of all-time Black Ops 2 on your stage is IMO a big advantage to their show. But, what will be interesting is if MS can nab EAs Crysis 3 or some other suprise like last year's Metal Gear: Revengeance and Tomb Raider footage.

Kinect's 3rd E3 has it's best line-up ever and can unseat Ninty's claim on casuals if E3 is done right.

Leading with a better showing of Fable: Journey, Steel Battalion, Crimson Dragon will be a good start.

But, the sleeper is games like EA showing Kinect integration in it's biggest titles Madden 13 and Fifa 13. (Fight Night 13..please)

Maintain Kinects biggest titles : Dance Central 3 and Kinect Sports: Summer Olympics

And literally steal the Wiis top sellers Just Dance 4, Zumba etc.

Announce 720 and BAM..HUGE show

Nintendo..MAKE US ALL WANT TO BUY WII-U..(hint new Mario, Mario Kart, and Super Smash at launch)..nuff said

Just my humbe take


ShaneMullikin2433d ago

Well of course! : ) I am talking more about who will have the most impressive showing at the show and what they can do to please fans and gamers.

Walker2433d ago

Sony will win, Easily . But I think nintendo ,,,

JellyJelly2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

On N4G Sony wins everything. Even when it isn't a competition.

There's something magic about the final minutes before the MS/Sony/Nintendo keynotes kick off. When they are filming the empty stage with a buzzing audience, waiting for someone to make an entrance. Can't wait!

NeloAnjelo2433d ago

Well I hope most of the surprises don't get spoiled like last year. Bring on the games!

supraking9512433d ago

Sony doesnt need to do anything really, while MS and Nintendo dont announce anything before E3, they just end up disappointing with what they announce at the show. Sony should just bring the Left 4 Dead series to PS3 since thats the only 360 game worth getting from there library.

MS will announce they sold more systems then everyone, announce timed exclusive dlc for Blops 2 and Skyrim, show off Halo 4 and embarass themselves with Kinect. I wouldnt be surprised if there biggest announcement is another movie streaming app on there console lol

Phish2433d ago

My predictions: Nintendo: Re-announces Wii-U but it gets renamed. They show off some titles, but we are still left feeling underwhelmed. 3DS announces a few new titles.

Microsoft: Focus will be on how well the 360 has been selling, new Kinect titles are shown, and they focus on Halo 4. They also bring out Rockstar to debut GTA V and announce exclusive content.

Sony: Focus will be on the Vita this year and they will impress everyone with the new titles shown. A few new Move titles are shown but don't impress. They show some exclusive PS3 titles which steal the show. Sony ends up "winning" E3.

ronin4life2433d ago

You haven't been paying attention...

*The wiiu name is final.

*Several insiders are saying to expect a large wiiu lineup.
Nintendo have a lot of 3ds games to detail, such as animal crossing and Luigis mansion and have promised an impressive Western 3rd party showing.

*Japanese games are also a certainty, ranging from FE to Bravely Default to Monster Hunter.

*Nintendo have also stated they have at least 2 unannounced titles for the 3ds to show for release this year. It's possible that e3 could be the place to reveal them.

I'm thinking the exact opposite as you: Like every year, Sony has announced all its major content leading to e3, and their show will yield few surprises. Nintendo, like every year, has stifled information with chocking NDAs, and will hold a media blowout with lots of surprises and details throughout the week.

But unlike last year, Nintendo actually has content to keep devs quiet about, and I believe they have been stricter than ever before. Vigil has already come out and stated that they are being "gagged" until e3, and I'm sure they aren't the only ones. Nintendo has been holding back for months for this, and wouldn't be doing so without plenty of good reasons

ronin4life2433d ago

@[email protected];
Do you mean:
*Nintendo have also stated

Hmmm... "has" sounds better, but "have" doesn't seem wrong....
@[email protected];
Oh well....^_^;

bothebo2433d ago

First of all lets scratch the Wii U because if you think that will succeed you better check your pulse. I'm sure Nintendo will announce some first party titles. What people fail to realize is that once you've played through them in one or two months what's left? A system with little to no devs that can hardly entertain you. I think the Wii U may do well after launch, but a year or two into it, it will certainly die just like the Wii.

Sony has a smarter strategy by announcing titles before E3. Number one, it sets a standard. If you go into E3 knowing nothing about Nintendo's conference and they give you crap, then they have done a far worse job then announcing several titles before E3 to build up hype. It also builds up hype. This is really key because it will help attract viewers to their conference.

To be honest with you, I'm not even worried about Nintendo. All I'm worried about is not having Sony announce enough titles ;)

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