Prepare Yourself for When Vikings Attack

+ Posted by Neil McPhillips // Associate Producer, XDev -

Hey folks, I’m here today to announce a new PSN title coming this year! I’m very excited to introduce When Vikings Attack for PS3 and PS Vita.
In this all-action fighting adventure, a battalion of Viking invaders, 1200 years late to the party, are causing havoc in your town. Imagine getting together a posse of local citizens: a construction worker, a butcher, a policeman, a pastor, and a schoolboy, then ripping up a phone booth or picking up a car,and hurling it at the advancing Viking hordes. That’s the sort of crazy action you can expect in this totally new and original PSN title for PS3 and PS Vita.

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Jreca2340d ago

I've seen it some hours ago... pure win. I need this with my friends.

jujubee882340d ago

All very nice. I just wonder what the price is.