Gravity Rush - First 15 Minutes

Eurogamer plays Sony's beautiful Vita adventure.

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Dante1122341d ago

Got my copy preordered.

dafegamer2341d ago

wow looks good I can't believe that this game is getting
6.5 reviews from Noname sites like beefjack?
I mean seriously? Jim sterling and Greg miller?
Jim Sterling from Destructoid cant be taken serious anymore
I mean he gave Kid Icarus a 5/10,Gravity rush a 6.5/10 and
COD MW3 a 9/10? WTF

Dante1122341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Didn't matter what those two reviewers gave it. I'm bought it anyway. It seems to be scoring higher with other reviewers, A few 10, 9 scores, and 8s though.

MattyG2341d ago

I wouldn't compare the IGN review to the Destructoid review. Contrary to popular belief, 7.5 is a good score. Miller's review wasn't negative, but it wasn't glowing recommendation either. But I do agree about Sterling, I barely ever agree with him.

C0MPUT3R2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

It's not going to happen. They want to sell Vitas.
I would love it to be on PS3 though.

MasterCornholio2341d ago

Buy yourself a Vita because it isn't going to come to the PS3 anytime soon.


Ddouble2341d ago

It was originally a PS3 title before been developed solely for the Vita so I doubt we would see it on the PS3 especially with it implementing a lot of Vita features.

Greyfoxdbz2341d ago

definitely not Japanese, sounds french. perhaps its made up.

CaptCalvin2341d ago

That's what I thought actually. I though it was French at first but then heard someone did rolling R sound with his tongue and i know the french actually do it with their throats so i was like can't be lol

Titanz2341d ago

It looks very interesting. I agree with what GamingPerson said, and Sony should develop this title for the PS3, but different (not similar, but enough to keep em satisfied).

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