Resistance : Burning Skies - TV Commercial And now less than 10 days of the official release of Resistance: Burning Skies, Sony has started promoting it and it starts with a commercial.

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ddurand12433d ago

they should have started advertising this hard a month ago. i might pick this up depending on reviews. i just downloaded a few psp gms so i dont need it right away

neutralgamer192433d ago

Tried to get it early from the mom and pop store but unfortunately they couldn't get it until release date!!!!! This will see a lot of my gaming time. I love the resistance franchise.

PersonaCat2433d ago

yet no commercial for america :x

SamPao2432d ago

Got the game... awesoooooooome!

also they should fire the guy that made the soundeffects, ahahahaha this is not even funny... its so bad, I want to punch him in the face..