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an0nym0us2434d ago

Wow for a black guy Zack looks unappealing.

Jamaicangmr2433d ago

I sure hope thats a custom outfit on Zack.

Tonester9252433d ago

Japanese people make black people look and act so ridiculous in their entertainment. Not just in Video Games but in Manga's too. lol Moonwalking like Michael Jackson.................. -_-

izumo_lee2434d ago

What in gods name is Lei Fang & Zack wearing?! Couldn't they show Lei Fang in that slinky black dress instead...sigh.

Hope Team Ninja doesn't screw this game like they did with another one of their franchises.

Lucretia2434d ago

I have to say Lei fang looks gorgeous. I love love LOVE that shirt.

and well, if her pants just had a different pattern they would be nice too. i would make it the same pattern as on her shirt atleast or just pure black.

zack on the other hand.....WTF

izumo_lee2433d ago

Yeah i think it is the pants that threw me off. I know they were trying to fit the theme of the stage but couldn't they at least make it a skirt, dress or something less 'flashy' in the wrong way.

rataranian2434d ago

Anyone who dresses like that guy deserves to have his ass kicked.

Ashunderfire862434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

WTF!!!! Zack was suppose to be black. I don't know why they are giving them all these crazy outfits to wear? I even question what Christina is wearing(a thong over her pants LOL!!!). Game looks good, but I get this feeling that the environment effects are just too gimmicky to effect most of the gameplay. Dead or Alive 5 VS. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on September 30th. Who will win?

Lucretia2433d ago

In my book doa5 will win. im not a fan of how there is no combo break in tekken YET, you can do an infinite combo till the character dies, and for a tag game its a moronic how just killing one opponent kills both.

that and i was never a fan of how stiff tekken is, i still love my Lily though so im still gonna play it lol

Ashunderfire862433d ago

I agree 100 percent with you. Dead or Alive 5 will blow the water out of Tekken Tag Tournament 2!!!

Baka-akaB2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I entirely disagree .

For starters not every tag game got to be the same , and such difference allows for more variety .

One shared fate prevent at least the opponent from abusively sacrificing his weakest link . You'll have to use both well and strategaically enough them . At work some will at least be able to play cat and mouse .

"im not a fan of how there is no combo break in tekken YET, you can do an infinite combo till the character dies"

Again not every game needs to feel the same . I dont want a cheap recovery system . Rage is a new thing already messing stuff up enough as it is .

They just needed to tone down the abusive juggling from T6 , wich they did so far ... and at least force some tag mixing with it .

As for infinites even most games with combo breakers still got those or other glitches .

What's important is how reactive and pro active to it the devs will be .

Regent_of_the_Mask2433d ago

lol @ thinking a casualized DOA5 will beat TTT2. The power blow mechanic is the worst thing to ever happen to the DOA franchise (well that & the terrible character design in the new one). With the VF characters being shoved in it's looking more like a spinoff than a real DOA. I don't care about DOA5 (even though I liked all of the previous games) & I don't like TTT2 (even though I liked TTT) but TTT2 will easily overshadow DOA5.

jetlian2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Tekken is the king of 3d fighters! DOA 5 will be lucky to get two million sales. Tekken tag 2 four million or more.

As for the defeat 1 the round over its was to counter Capcoms vs games where if you lose a character your handicapped the rest of the fight

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Blackcanary2433d ago

i'm buying that game been waiting for time for it.

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