ArmA 3 - Interview with Pavel Guglava about the game's lighting system

An interview with Bohemia's lead artist, Pavel Guglava

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Zha1tan2335d ago

going to be the best military shooter of 2012 if it coems out this year.

100KM square island, now thats a sandbox.

sonicsidewinder2335d ago

It will surely light the way.

Dovahkiin2335d ago

DayZ mod is also coming to ARMA3, which will make many people happy.

NYC_Gamer2335d ago

Do you have a link to confirm that?

konnerbllb2335d ago

The dayz developer said if it were to be built for Arma III it would be out at least one year after Arma III's release. I read this in an interview with the developers.