Darksiders 2 Wii U Features Are Under A “Strict Gag Order”

“Nintendo’s put a full gag on everything until E3,” creative manager Jeremy Greiner told Vooks.
“If I didn’t have a strict gag order on me, I’d love to talk about all the great features that we have. but what I can tell you is that it’s a next generation platform, and you should keep your eyes open.”

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dark-hollow2340d ago

and its so obvious people wonder why nintendo keep the wii u under tight control

Nintendo’s making sure to keep info on the Wii U capabilites a secret. It’s a smart move because you just know their competitors are waiting to see what Nintendo does so they can improve on it.

so its more logical to make the developers keep their mouthes shut till the announcement

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2340d ago

$ony and Micro$oft can out spend Nintendo on Hardware so yeah, that is smart.

I am sure, PS4 and 720 will be more powerful. But if Nintendo stays on the 5 year console Update plan, they will always release a new console 1st.

I just hope that Nintendo's Innovations gives them the money they need to stay in the game. Cause the others don't even need great console sales to Stay Alive. (R.I.P. Mr. Gib)

shackdaddy2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Well, if Nintendo stays on a five year plan and Sony/MS stick to their original plans(~8 year life cycle) then it'll probably go:

2012: release of wiiu
2013: announcement of nextbox/ps4
2014: release of the nextbox/ps4
2015: nothing
2016: announcement of next Nin. console
2017: release of next Nin. console
2018: nothing
2019: nothing
2020: nothing
2021: announcement of nextnextbox/ps5 AND Nin. console
2022: release of nextnextbox/ps5 AND Nin. console

If you look, Nintendo should actually have the most powerful console 7/10 years without having to really fight against their competitors for a position. It's an EXTREMELY good business plan imo...

Also, Nintendo actually has more net worth and money in the bank than Sony right now. They can not only spend more on consoles but it also makes your last statement completely untrue. I'm not picking on Sony, but that's just how it is right now...

And it's not really about spending more money on the console. It's about balancing power and cost...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2340d ago

Your illustration on the 5 YR. Plan is exactly my point.

I'm a Nintendo Fan but I don't Hate Microsoft or Sony.

I knew that Sony was struggling and there are reports that PS4 may not be released until 2014 (or not at all).

I add that the other Divisions of Sony (Movies) and Microsoft (OS) can/may take up the slack OR give investors and banks Faith in both companies even when things look bad. BUT for Nintendo it's mostly gaming or die.

That's why I cheer for NINTENDO the most. Nintendo's smart decisions against the odds (hater analysts, hater gamers, and people constantly predicting it's demise) is what impresses me.
I hope they beat the "odds" (whatever they are) this GEN too.

PS Mr. Gib is a referrence to the Bee Gee's (disco group) who wrote Stayin' Alive not to Nintendo. One of the Bee Gee's died recently.

Hellsvacancy2340d ago

What is with all these DarkSiders 2 articles? i thought the last game was crap, it didnt set any graphical benchmarks, if it was Assassins Creed 3 instead of DarkSiders 2 i could kinda undersrtand

The Meerkat2340d ago

so to be a good game for you it needs to set graphical benchmarks?

You must miss out on loads of great games.

Siren302340d ago

I love darksiders and darksiders 2 is one of the few games I'm actually excited to play this year.

beerkeg2340d ago

Darksiders was one of the best games of recent years and I'm looking forward to the sequel. The first was a great blend of different styles of games, which managed to give itself its own identity and was very fun to play. I almost got the platinum for it, but other games got in the way after I completed it.

I question your judgement of games Hellsvacancy. I will add you to my list of people I should not listen to when they voice their opinion of a game.

mamotte2340d ago

So you didnt play it because of its graphics? What a sad human being you are...

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Titanz2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I'm also hyped about the potential of using the Wiimote & nunchuck to play popular 3rd party titles (usually the ones that are not on Nintendo consoles).

tweet752340d ago

how bad could a punishment be for breaking a gag order?

--Onilink--2340d ago

probably paying a lot of money, not to mention the image that you would be giving as a company who cannot keep secrets, which could mean they wouldnt be the 1st company in mind when giving new dev kits and stuff like that

Ck1x2340d ago

Being sued or fired is my guess! As was the case reported with the guy that leaked the new WiiU pad most recently. Since premature leakage of information can effect the press and marketing time-frame in which Nintendo or any company for that matter has to effective promote and sell a product when its ready. As we saw last year, everyone knows that Nintendo did not want to announce the WiiU that early, but credible information was running rampant about the system, that turned out to be true in the end.

ronin4life2340d ago

An employee at tell tale recently leaked an image of the wiiu controller.

From the sound of it, he has been fired and tt may owe Nintendo dues.
So I'd say pretty serious.

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