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Editor Ryan Clements famously declared that Gravity Rush was the reason he was buying a Vita. However, he might want to rescind that statement. Gravity Rush is fun -- its protagonist and story are two of my favorites on the handheld -- but clunky combat and a flat finish keep it from being the hit PlayStation Vita players have been hoping for.

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Acquiescence2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

He gave all the different components 7.5, across the board. It's like he couldn't even be bothered.

UK gamers, as a heads up, you can pre-order the game over at Asda now for £25.00. For that price it's a steal.

Emilio_Estevez2339d ago

I kind of got that impression as well. All in all, reviews seem to be saying that it's a good game, just prolly not a big Vita seller.

DivineAssault 2339d ago

all depends on what games you like.. this game was a launch window game in japan so of course it isnt perfect.. but it the 1st adventure title that looks original in a LONG time

Dir_en_grey2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

The reason the reviewer marked it down for as he said was cuz he sucked at aiming, does he mark down FTS/TPS for missing emenies because they don't just sit there and wait to get shot? NO

I have the game and of course enemies move around and attack you, it would be retarded in any game if the enemy just sit there and don't move around. But unless you are retarded you can aim w/ analog and at the same time shift slightly with the motion sensor for finer adjustments when you approach the enemy, which is a brilliant mechanic.

I'm so sick of reviewers calling themselves gamers and mark down games when they just plain SUCK at it.

Nimblest-Assassin2339d ago

Still getting it... was looking forward to this game since I first saw gameplay

Ddouble2339d ago

I would wait before ordering since only Shopto at the moment have said they will also include the pre-order bonus.

I'm waiting for Amazon to match it but even still £25 is a steal for this game and I hope more follow suit.

Aggesan2339d ago

Well, not everyone can like every game. Seems like a must have to me though.

DivineAssault 2339d ago

7.5 isnt bad but MOST other reviewers gave it 9z with a few 10z & 8z.. i highly doubt studio japan will let me down so im buying it anyway.. its the reason i bought a vita.. too bad its taking so long to drop out here if no English voice work was done

nugnugs2339d ago

Please don't buy it at ASDA. Get it from a smaller dedicated games company, It'll only cost you a bit more. The supermarkets have taken a bite out of every small business and now my town doesn't have one independent music/video/game shop.
Just F'ing tanning salons, nail shops and pound shops.

Kinger89382339d ago

really need an awesome RPG on this system! the PSP had LOOOADS!

Hicken2338d ago

Give it time, they'll come. It took a while for the PSP to build up that awesome library of games.

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