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From the review:

" far the best JRPG to come out on any platform in at least the last five years."

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TruthbeTold2340d ago

Nice review. I REALLY wanted to play this game 2 years ago. It's annoying as hell that we've been reduced to begging for games then MAYBE receiving them years down the line. However, this one just seems to be too good to pass up, even after the wait and the Wii U on the horizon.

Titanz2340d ago

You can buy this game, and play it on the Wii U.

You'll probably even be allowed to stream the entire game onto the Wii Upad, without the need of a tv. :P

TruthbeTold2340d ago

That would be nice. I'd prefer to play it with the Wii U controller actually.

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PygmelionHunter2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

This game is freaking amazing, I'm restarting my 80 hours save since I forgot a lot about the plot, how to play, and yet, I don't regret it, but so far, I just wish they took out the stupid side quests given by random people without names and made the game a bit more difficult since not only is it easy but grinding is non existent if you do the side quests that involve relationships.

Xenoblade Chronicles is an 8.5 at worst, I hope they develop something similar for the Wii U.