SEGA releases new patch for Virtua Fighter 5 on Xbox 360

Sega Europe informed us this morning that its released a new downloadable patch for Virtua Fighter 5 on the Xbox 360. The patch will include a number of gameplay additions and enhancements including...

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bootsielon4670d ago

I don't mind if 360 users get the patch, hell I wouldn't mind if I had bought it on 360. However, the PS3 has gotten plenty of game patches, even from 3rd parties, so why don't they do the same? It's only customer service, SEGA.

SEGA hasn't really been doing many great games as of late, so I'm gonna pass on every game they make (like I'm missing much) until I get the online gaming patch, which should be possible on PSN as it isn't p2p , Tekken 5 was possible, and PSN isn't having the amount of problems that XBL is currently having.

InMyOpinion4670d ago

If you started buying their games instead of passing on them maybe the PS3 version would get a patch too.

PSN has no problems yet as there is no amount of traffic comparable to the heavy load on XBL.

switch-it4670d ago

Well, it sold more on PS3 so i dont see why they wouldn't support that version too.

I have it for my PS3 and i really love it, very good party game, but when im alone i would like to play with others, online and since the X360 version got online features i dont see the problem with making a online patch for the PS3, i really dont.

So please Sega, make a online patch for us PS3 gamers.

Mwaan4670d ago

The PS3 version was not. They can't simply add an online patch for the PS3 version because they had no intentions of doing so during development. They aren't done with the game yet. I expect a VF5 evolution type release for the PS3 with new characters, online play, and further gameplay tweaks. Relax, you guys did get the game first you know.

MADGameR4670d ago

Because they are supporting losers like MS. X Box 360 will lose this war again because Microsoft will bring out the X Box 720! ROFL!

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WIIIS14670d ago

It may be a hard fact to swallow for many here, but for the best gaming experience, you just have to Jump In, not Play Beyond.

bootsielon4670d ago

Even if I didn't buy games, I bought VF5, which should be enough for SEGA to give me customer service on that game.

jlytle12344670d ago

keep your virtua fighter...tekken is better, soul calibur rules all. Sega sure doesnt play nice with the ps3. First they snubbed the ps3 on voice support for ac4 and then snubbed ps3 of online for vf and now spraying lemon juice on it by giving 360 patches for vf. I know sony put them out of the console business, but that was a while ago. Cant we all just get along.

sajj3164670d ago

Have VF5 for the PS3. I would love to play online. I guess I understand priorities but PS3 has the bigger installbase.

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