The 5 Biggest Mistakes Ever Made By Nintendo

Nintendo is an incredible company – they essentially invented the modern videogame market, are responsible for the most recognizable figures in gaming, and have always pushed innovation when they could simply rest on their laurels. However, they’ve also made several huge mistakes, and it’s sort’ve a miracle they’re still a company, let alone a successful one. Here are the five biggest mistakes Nintendo ever made.

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matthewo2432d ago

Very good choice for number 1.

Titanz2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

If Nintendo would've gone through with the deal, all the IP's they would have developed onto the PSX, would've legally belong to Sony. Would you build a house with someone, knowing that they're the ones who legally own it, and can throw you out, whenever they choose?

Also, the only reason Gamecube failed, was its lack of an online infrastructure. When they did implement one, however, it was too late into the console's life cycle.

The Wii proved that a Nintendo console with basic online functionality, is what consumers wanted (no matter how archaic it is, also -- motion controls did play a part in the Wii's success).

The N64 and Virtual Boy, were their biggest blunders.

jag_stilvecchio2431d ago

Oh, so you're an attorney that worked on the contract negotiations between Sony and Nintendo?

Thanks for insight.

izumo_lee2431d ago

as the story goes sony only wanted the revenue from the sales of the hardware. nintendo would get sales from the software but nintendo feared that with this agreement sony may partly own rights to nintendo franchises. at the time sony was a hardware only company, rights to nintendo franchises were hardly on their mind.

it could have been a beautiful partnership but too bad that did not happen. depending on how you look at it, it was both a blessing & a curse. a blessing cause the playstation brand was born making gaming more mainstream. a curse cause it took 2 gens for nintendo to recover from the poor business decision they made when they backed away from the sony deal.

ShaunCameron2431d ago

Sony thought they could relegate Nintendo to being a 3rd-party developer/publisher on their own console, but Nintendo was having none of it. Nintendo's IP's are to remain on Nintendo's platforms controlled and owned by Nintendo.

wishingW3L2431d ago

And not to mention that the only reason Nintendo weren't put out of business by Sony was because of the Gameboy. Nintendo was lucky to have something to cling on and survive unlike Sega that had nothing else.

ShaunCameron2431d ago

@ wishingW3L

Not only that but also Nintendo actually made a decent profit from the N64 and GameCube while doing good with the DS. In fact they made more money from the GameCube than Microsoft did from the XBox despite the XBox being the higher seller of the two.

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mushroomwig2431d ago

For some reason I thought the Gamecube sold a lot more than just 22 million.

Derpy2431d ago

The Gamecube was a wonderful console with some really great games that I still play to this day. Unlike the Wii, it was mostly aimed at the core crowd, which chose to shun it for some reason. Those who did, though were the ones that missed out.

Even though I use a Wii to play my Gamecube games today, I still prefer the Gamcube version of Zelda Twilight Princess, which I consider to be superior of the two (and yes I have played both versions.) I also fondly remember Paper Mario 2, Chibi Robo, Zelda: The Windwaker, Tales of Syphonia (sadly it's Wii sequel stunk,) Skies of Arcadia and many others.

The system was faster and more powerful than the PS2, but it's biggest mistake was probably that the PS2 had a cooler looking case.

I really hope Nintendo makes a return to supporting the core crowd with the Wii U. Of course you can see why they did what they did with the Wii. People say that they betrayed the core gamer with the Wii, but the truth is that the core crowd abandoned them first during the Gamecube area.

stuntman_mike2431d ago

tottally agree i love the gamecube one of my all time favorite consoles. i still play it to this day.

CLOUD19832431d ago

LoL-LoL-LoL !!! I didn't know that Nintendo open their own graves by brake the deal with SONY and make them enter the console market :D That's so ROFL! SONY eat them alive from 96 with PS1 & until 2006 with PS2, 10 whole years Nintendo couldn't even dream of the sales SONY did with PlayStation.

PS2 long pass the 150 million mark and it's the most successful console in video-game history, & other than consoles there is a new war in the way those of the handhelds, VITA is obviously the best handheld in the market the sales is not strong yet but I am sure that in 1-2 years when some good games appear it will start sell like hot cakes it will be a very strong opponent for 3DS & imo it will outsell it eventually.

ShaunCameron2431d ago

<VITA is obviously the best handheld in the market the sales is not strong yet but I am sure that in 1-2 years when some good games appear it will start sell like hot cakes it will be a very strong opponent for 3DS & imo it will outsell it eventually.>

No it's not. It's just history repeating itself again this time in the handheld market. Powerful doesn't equal best. They said the same thing about the PSPortable and the DS blew it out of the water.

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