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Gravity Rush is a hard game to describe. How many other games do you know of where a cat follows you around, giving your character gravity defying powers? It’s not even like it’s a special cat, since she can’t even talk, instead only giving you the odd ‘Meow’ now and again.

Rating: Outstanding

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Akuma-2365d ago

I can't wait to have this game. I've played the demo and I love it

Trenta272365d ago

Woah wait. There is a demo? WHERE?!

PersonaCat2365d ago

Japanese Playstation store

r212365d ago

and begins.

Rampaged Death2365d ago

I'll be getting this when I pick up a Vita in July.

Trenta272365d ago

The one game I can't wait to get for my Vita.

PersonaCat2365d ago

It seems a bit early to review this game no? Don't we have a couple weeks until it releases?

wotta2365d ago

Yeah but embargo ended today for some reason, probably due to E3.

PersonaCat2365d ago

Yea I figured. Just checked and the release is't until the 13th? Seems very early and yet I haven't seen any reviews for Resistance and it's releasing on Tuesday... embargoes are weird haha.

wotta2363d ago

Resistance embargo is next week :D

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