Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition Hands-on and Videos from IGN

Speaking of Head-On, the improvements thrown into the PS2 port are indeed solid stuff. Sure, it's fairly obvious that this was a PSP game originally thanks to things having a generally lower-poly look and feel, but the speed and smoothness of the gameplay as well as the touched-up visuals make for a pleasantly executed port. Eat Sleep Play managed to whip up an exclusive Head-On level too, the slightly more Black-like Transylvania Castle. Like the Lost Levels, it's all pure Twisted Metal, the king of the car combat genre, and fans should eat it all up.

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Genki4666d ago

It just has the most market penetration. Of course that might matter if you're a review, corporate, or bandwagon zombie.

Vigilante 8(especially 2nd Offense) did everything better than Twisted Metal. Full Auto sucked...but it was a good try.