Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - European release date confirmed

Konami today revealed the final release date of Metal Gear Solid HD for PlayStation Vita in Europe.

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bahabeast2341d ago

i bought this for ps3 thinking i would enjoy it but no go i played peace walker and then traded with a friend for saints row 3, the other games is nothing like mgs4

WildArmed2341d ago

MGS3 (imo) is a better game than MGS4. I think all the medical treatment and camo changing might turn people off (if u've played MGS4, it's all auto).

And MGSPW is a really great game, probably one of my favs too.

And ofc, the infamous MGS2... is also still a great game. But they are quite different from each other. I think that's what made the experiences stand out from each other. None of them were clones of each other, and had quite a few twists you didn't expect.

MGS3 was very jungle-heavy w/ a few building here and there... but then MGS2 was all bunkers and ships haha
MGSPW was mission based, had recruits, and even had co-op.

But all were stealth based games and had a "Kojima" plot line, I think that's what tied them together without any of them being clones of each other.

I'd say you give them another go, but it seems you traded it. The plot line and the game mechanics really do start shining the further you go into MGS3/MGS2.

DJLB21152341d ago

of course they not like mgs4 bro they were made like a deacade b4 mgs4 came out lol. i have the collectors edition for ps3 and i also will have it for the vita. time to see what the "transfarring" thing be like! lol. it sucks that they didnt include peace walker but i understand why.

WildArmed2341d ago

transfarring is interesting. Thou it's annoying that it deletes your save file from the PSP when you import. And locks your PS3 save file until you Transfar back in. (thou you can unlock your PS3 Save file, but idk if you can transfar your psp file back in or not, never tried it).

I do enjoy being able to take MGSPW save w/ me when I go...

God knows I've spent too many hours hunting for an S-rank Combat soldier.. I'm at 250k-ish Heroism and still no S-rank combat soldiers :(

bahabeast2341d ago

well i think my problem is that i never played games that much in the ps2 days onli sports gta and action adventure. msg4 was my first metal gear game soo its not easy for my to get into the controls n stuff just frustrates me.

WildArmed2341d ago

Control wise, i can understand.
MGSPW is the best MGS control-wise. It's hard going back to MGS3/MGS2 after playing PW, because eveything plays soo well in PW!

DJLB21152341d ago

yeah i can feel u on that. jumping into mgs4 w no real experience b4hand can be tough. just trying to follow the story alone is enough to drive a man crazy lol