What to expect from E3 2012 (no, not Xbox 720 and PS4)

VG247: “Teh reel next-gen” will have to wait. E3 2012 will be a re-run of last year, with triple-A bully-boys dominating software as Nintendo steals the platform-holder show with Wii U.

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Peppino72342d ago

Why not ps4? Why can't I expect that announcement.

SandWitch2342d ago

Because it's not the time yet. You can expect if you want, but you will only get disappointed.

I expect Sony to be focused on Vita, Nintendo on Wii U and Microsoft on Kinect + one exclusive shooter

mushroomwig2342d ago

'Because it's not the time yet'

What makes you say that? I know it probably won't happen but according to the history of the brand a new console is released every 6 years (1994, 2000 and 2006).

decrypt2342d ago

Thats because MS and Sony decide when its right for console gamers to get an upgrade. Console gamers as such are limited to what Sony and MS feel is good for them.

cemelc2341d ago

Wasnt the bungie contract telling about a 720 port of destiny by 2013?

Perhaps we wont hear about the new consoles yet but you can bet anything that the ps4 and 720 will be shown behind closed door this E3.

Aside when the WiiU lands the other two companies will rush to the finish line specially in MS case where theyll even release a shoddy product in order to get there first.

Gamer19822341d ago

Everybody saying no instead of maybe makes me thinks its more likely than ever for the ps4 anyway onto games except borderlands 2 im getting sick of sequels for consoles year after year. We are basically seeing the same games with new levels/weapons/characters etc.. as consoles have near hit there peak now and it seems only naughty dog can get something a bit more out of ps3.

So its pretty much massive expansion packs each year round. This is why i preferred JRPGs back before they went CRAP. Each was differnt even Final Fantasy but they changed to fit a new demographic.

BitbyDeath2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I'm not interested in Vita so hopefully Sony will not focus too much on that.

I know i won't be disappointed with being able to see more of Last of Us and God of War but the PS4 is long overdue for an announcement.

I hope Sony does not fail to deliver.

SolidStoner2341d ago

I dont want any of new gen consoles, yet!

I remember when I had ps2 on its life end cycle (it still is not ended in many countries)
, I had like 80 + games, many of them (most of them) where the best games I played in my life!

I just dont feel like it with my ps3.. its not the end it could do so much more.. the developers must think harder to entertain us!
It goes for all consoles, any of them still could show lots of masterpieces!

Brosy2341d ago

I don't care about the Wii U. I also don't care what Sony is doing. I want to see what MS has in store for the rest of this year.

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MostJadedGamer2342d ago

Its a waste of time, and just flat out stupid to reveal consoles that are a year, and half or more away. Sony's E3 2005, and E3 2006 eliminated any possibility that we will ever see a console revealed a year, and half before launch again.

Hozi892341d ago

Nintendo revealed the WiiU last year E3. that was a year ago. the WiiU doesn't come out until later on this year.

CanadianTurtle2342d ago

I can't believe people are so hyped up about new consoles. The industry just started developing really good games for the recent gen consoles from the past couple years. Let them max out!

DeadlyFire2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

There are still 6-7 years to max them out on your console. You can go do that while I play new generation. That's the whole point of the 10-12+ year lifespan of these consoles. Well for Sony at least.

Gamer19822341d ago

@deadlyfire your correct the ps2 was still going strong 4 years after the ps3 launched it only stopped production worldwide 3 years ago. Its still being made in Japan in small quantity's I hear.

BitbyDeath2341d ago

PS3 will still be selling when the PS4 is out and games will still continue to release, just like it was with the PS2>PS3 transition. (Which for some reason is still selling?)

Point is you can still play PS3 games while others migrate to PS4. It'll take a while to build a decent catalog anyway.

DA_SHREDDER2341d ago

I would love to See Sony come out with something even just a little bit better than the WiiU just to get into the market, sell it cheap, no more than $299 and get the gaming business take off like a zeppelin during WW2.

TBM2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Here's what i expect in the pressers

nintendo - wii u news (price, games), 3ds games
Sony - ps3 games, vita games, maybe a surprise who knows
microsoft - services(that i don't care about), kinect (something else i don't care about), showing off 3rd party games like their exclusives, the obvious 2 1st party games they have in their whole stable.

out of the 3 i only care about what the first two will show, the other one i just don't care for whatsoever.

DeadlyFire2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Sony has always been very forward to the public with what they are doing. I don't expect them to hide anything from E3 2012. I wouldn't count out surprise PS4 Graphic expectations videos like E3 2005 videos.

Anyone remember KILLZONE E3 2005? :P I remember a whole reel of games being displayed. Oh yes here it is. About 5:14 min and onward. F1, Tekken, Red Dead, DMC 4, KILLZONE 2, GT 5, Gundum + with Resistance?, Ni Oh, Genji, Fifth Phanton Saga, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Killing Day, Motorstorm, Eyedentify. That is 15-16 titles. Despite fact that some didn't really make it. Sony promising 20 new experiences at this year's E3.

At least that is my hope. You know 20 New game experiences are promised for E3 2012 from Sony. I can't count that many PS3/Vita titles that are coming that I would expect at E3 2012 conference. I am expecting PS3/Vita/PS4 mix. Although if the 20 New experiences are all PS4 games I would be floored. :D

Like E3 2005. If history repeats itself. Which in life it often does at times. PSP Got a big showing at E3 2004, then E3 2005 PS3 was shown to the world. Well E3 2011 PS Vita got a big showing, and E3 2012 PS4 shown off to the world?

Also Microsoft showed a new Halo at E3 2004, then New Xbox at E3 2005. Well E3 2012 we have Halo 4, E3 2013 we have Xbox 3.

Just look at history!!! Its not that hard to figure out what will happen!!

Gamer19822341d ago

Well Sony said they want there console out before MS so if they want to show it off at E3 this is the year to do it. Like at 2005 E3 although both were there 360 was in playable format with an Alan Wake demo and PS3 was not until 2006.

GraveLord2341d ago

Because PS3 is still the best selling console each and every week.

360GamerFG2341d ago

Plus they still haven't recouped the 5 billion they lost launching the darn thing.

Peppino72341d ago

We all know developers have the dev kits in hand already. Which mean first party studios most likely have begun working on new games for a while. I don't think its that far fetched to expect a possible announcement of ps4 as the next console to come out.

ziggurcat2341d ago

"Why not ps4? Why can't I expect that announcement."

because it's not going to happen.

fatstarr2341d ago

Another Nintendo win. I will be excited for everything they are doing. while Sony is doing the same mundane stuff they did last year. Hope they really announce next gen though.

ziggurcat2341d ago

"while Sony is doing the same mundane stuff they did last year..."

don't you mean microsoft?

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The Meerkat2342d ago

I expect The Spanish Inquisition.

pixlbit2341d ago

but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

hennessey862342d ago

From a few developers running on close to next gen specs, but I can't see an announcement from either sony or microsoft them selves.

MostJadedGamer2342d ago

There will be ZERO shown of PS4, and 720. ZERO.

CBaoth2341d ago

We'll hear about about target renders being shown behind closed doors. Screenshot leaks will surface just prior to WiiU's launch to dissuade those waiting on next gen systems from Micro/Sony.

But I agree with both of you on one issue; neither Sony nor Microsoft will be the ones doing it.

EazyC2342d ago

I want to see the new Burnout, Fallout, Rainbow Six: Patriots and GTA V, if all of them were shown I'd be one happy guy

pucpop2342d ago

wii u has me all sweaty (smile)

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