Introducing the Two Console Household

Seeking Alpha, by Bruce Everiss, January 16, 2008:

It seems that one of the defining attributes of the current generation of consoles will be the very large number of homes that have two of them. Mainly because the Wii does a completely different job compared to the HD consoles.

This huge dichotomy between the Wii and the HD consoles has come about because the manufacturers have followed different strategic routes. Nintendo have concentrated on their gesture interface and the new fun possibilities that it brings. (Though remember that Sony could have done the same with Eyetoy and they messed up.) The HD consoles mainly offer more of the same features that their previous generations did.

The fun will come with the next generation of consoles. Nintendo will obviously be forced to go HD, so they will become more like Sony and Microsoft. These two, meanwhile, will have added gesture interfaces and family fun, so they will be more like Nintendo...

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