The Wii is dead! Did Nintendo drop the core gamer?

Well, The Nintendo Wii is dead, is what a lot of Sony and Microsoft fanboys around the internet would have the masses believe. We're not going to dispute this or attempt to counter this argument, simply with everything being said, it's accurate. There is not really any more notable games coming out for the console, minus maybe one or two. I know The Last Story is coming, so don't hate me Operation Rainfall. Sales of the Wii are also down significantly, And we are mere months away from the launch of a new Nintendo console. The Wii is indeed, for the most part, dead. So the real question now, is did Nintendo deliver with the Wii? Did they give gamers what gamers want, or did they merely cater to 'casual' gamers and forget the rest of the gaming community?

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Sgt_Slaughter2340d ago

...I'm not going to waste brain cells trying to explain why this isn't true.

darthv722340d ago

...runs over to check to see if wii still turns on...

Whew, mine is still alive. Im glad too as I picked up Sin & punishment for $5 from best buy.

GraveLord2340d ago

You have reading comprehension issues.

tigertron2340d ago

You have sarcasm detection issues.

miyamoto2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Nintendo president backtracks on commitment to casual and family audiences over core gamers, betraying a profound misunderstanding of past strategic mistakes.

President Satoru Iwata continued to address Nintendo investors’ fears in an investor question and answer session on Monday after reporting the company’s first-ever fiscal year loss at the end of April. In addition to announcing new digital download initiatives for both the Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming Wii U, Iwata said Nintendo is refocusing its development on gaming enthusiasts rather than casual and family players. It was a bad move to abandon the core according to Iwata.

“The Wii was able to reach a large number of new consumers who had never played games before by bringing hands-on experiences with its Wii Sports and Wii Fit. However, we could not adequately create the situation that such new consumers played games frequently or for long, consistent periods. As a result we could not sustain a good level of profit,” said Iwata.

“Moreover, regrettably, what we prioritized in order to reach out to the new audience was a bit too far from what we prioritized for those who play games as their hobby. Consequently, we presume some people felt that the Wii was not a game system for them or they were not willing to play with the Wii even though some compelling games had been released.”

Nintendo’s underwhelming announcement of the Wii U at E3 2011 was a less explicit admission of the same mistake. The naming of the new console according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was supposed to reconcile the casual and core audiences of Nintendo’s games, a console for “me and you.” Hence the hybrid of traditional control inputs and something simpler like a touch screen.

Iwata’s comments to investors though betray the fact that he and the rest of Nintendo’s corporate leaders in Japan misunderstand the chief failing of the Wii: The machine needed more games, more frequently. The casual audience lured by titles like Wii Fit in 2008 and earlier during the height of the Wii’s success are the same players that went on to pour money into free-to-play social games like FarmVille and mobile titles like Angry Birds in the years that followed. They are more than willing to play games for “long, consistent periods” as long as they’re given a reason to. Nintendo failed this audience by not giving them a wider selection of titles at lower costs.

Nintendo failed its core audience in a similar way. There simply weren’t enough games to maintain a healthy community of users. Releasing the Wii with limited technical capabilities wasn’t a mistake, but releasing it with no ability whatsoever to support high-definition television screens was nothing short of insane. It automatically alienated hobbyists and encouraged them to seek other solutions like the Dolphin Wii emulator. That’s not to mention the system’s asinine online gaming structure.

While the Wii U could be a hit for Nintendo, it’s concerning to see that its leadership still doesn’t understand the failures of past business decisions.

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There you heard it from the horse's mouth.

Akuma-2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

:looks at wii game catalog, then looks at wiimote and remember playing games on it:

Nintendo abandoned the core since ultra Nintendo

ChickeyCantor2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Actually, they still made tons of "core" games as they always have. ( and don't give me that "wii-sports" nonsense. Nintendo always had those games. Just look at their game production during the nes )

The only difference is that third party support insisted on making shovelware. Therefor shadowing the games that were worth it.

Nintendo didn't abandon anyone.
And for the sake of the argument...where were all these "hardcore" gamers with the N64?
Oh yeah that's right. They were at the playstation 1 playing sports games.

mike1up2340d ago

Shouldn't you be in another comment section making excuses for the Vita?

BitbyDeath2340d ago

"Oh yeah that's right. They were at the playstation 1 playing Final Fantasy games."

Thought i'd correct that for you. Hell yea we were.

dark-hollow2340d ago

"since ultra Nintendo"

You don't even know what are you typing anymore.

rks892340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Well Dont blame Nintendo for that. Blame the people who abandoned them during the N64 and Gamecube years when they got destroyed in Sales. Where were all the "hardcore gamers" then? ( Especially during the N64 years considering the quality games the system had compared to the gamecube ). So they did what was best for the company, stopped directly competing with Sony and Microsoft and do their own thing and Focus on another segment of the market.

Wii and DS come along. Now their in first place in Sales. lol.

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showtimefolks2340d ago

i know i am gonna get disagrees but i as a core gamer stopped caring for N after N64.

They need to show me they atre more than just same few games every other year and they need to show me they can get a online store/network that works like xblive/psn

and they need to prove that 3rd party support will be there not just for gimmick games but for real AAA titles

i said it before and i will say it again wii-u can make or break nintendo so this is quite big for them, They have the most to gain but they also have the most to loose

dark-hollow2340d ago

Me as a gamer, I still care about Nintendo.

stragomccloud2340d ago

The article is about how Nintendo didn't let the core market down.

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Titanz2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Although, I would say that the Wii "slowed down," instead of the word you used to express its current state.

I don't believe it was announced officially by Nintendo, but its Wii console is suppose to drop in price, to $99 dollars. Jadeds (the disinterested consumer base) might actually be interested (make sure to ask the retailer if your Wii model features Gamecube playback), which is the perfect time because of its above average software library.

TL;DR - $99 Wii, above average software library (or you can just for the Wii U).


C'mon man...

You can't hold out on us like that. :P

MacUser19862340d ago

Would be nice to see Super Mario Galaxy 2 drop in price, it's been out for over a year and it's still $50.

Shok2340d ago

That's Mario games for ya lol

meganick2340d ago

That would be nice, but I assure you it's worth $50. It's my personal favorite game of this generation.

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user54670072340d ago

I think the same could happen with the Wii U..IF Nintendo see's that the casual audience has taken a new interest in the Wii Us new gimmick, the touch screen pad.

If they do and Nintendo see's this then they'll ditch core gamers all over again

I think the reason they are trying to win back the core now, even though it looks like they can't make up their mind is because they wasnt to see if the casual audience can be continued to be milked for another gen.

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