Darksiders II Pre-E3 Preview | Capsule Computers

Capsule Computers writes:

"The snow lies all around him, his dark cloak fluttering in the breeze. Ahead lies the mountain – at the summit lie answers. Death strode forward. He would redeem his brother, whatever the cost.

Such is the scene which opened the new hands-on demo of Darksiders II at a recent THQ pre-E3 event. War, the first rider of the apocalypse and the protagonist of the first game, has been falsely accused of triggering Armageddon ahead of its allotted time, and so has been punished by the Charred Council, the adjudicators of balance between the realms of heaven and hell. It’s up to his brother, Death – the second rider, to clear his name, and perhaps even repair some of the devastation caused by the end of days."

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masterabbott2342d ago

Look like this is going to be a pretty good game. I might end up buying it!