New Star Ocean: Second Evolution scans

Three new scans of Star Ocean: Second Evolution from this week's Famitsu issue have surfaced online. They feature new screenshots from the game.

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WilliamRLBaker4672d ago

is if they bring this and the 1st game remake for psp over here other wise to hell with the games...

Auron4672d ago

Maybe I'll get it for psp if the features are sweet enough.

Luca Blight4672d ago

I own almost every single PS1 RPG in existence (that was brought to the US), yet I still buy them for PSP (FFT, Wild Arms and any other that may come out) because it's nice to be able to play them anywhere.

AshtarGoken4672d ago

I would so get this for my psp too. However, if you have the ps3, you can play any ps1 game already through remote play on your psp. It is just up to you if you want to pop the disc in though.