The Secret Behind the Success of DayZ, the Most Interesting PC "Game" of 2012

Kotaku: "You can keep your Diablos, the most interesting thing to happen to PC gaming this year has easily been DayZ, a zombie survival mod for military shooter ArmA II.

What's even more impressive than the experience itself, though, is the fact it was created by a single man, New Zealander Dean Hall. So earlier this week we had a little chat to discuss the past, present and future of the mod."

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ATi_Elite2336d ago

Game of The Year!!!!

Just installed the 1.5 patch that adds you getting infected/sick and being able to pass the infection/sickness on to others thus making the survival part even more realistic.


If you got a PC capable of playing Arma II Combined Operations i suggest you spend the $20 on Arma II and download the Day Z mod.

it's a friggin fantastic concept and the greatest Zombie game EVER while still in Alpha so every patch adds better gameplay.

NYC_Gamer2336d ago

DayZ is the best and most realistic zombie game i have ever played