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Follow the story of Finn, an orphan cum apprentice Sorcerer. After his master, Dash, heads off to town to do some shopping, Finn heads off to cause some mischief. His talkative feline friend, Erline, berates him for his action, but accompanies to watch the disaster unfold.

Securing a wand and drinking a potion of arcane mastery, Finn is off on an adventure against undead, creatures of nightmare and twisted faeries.

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360GamerFG2342d ago

This is the game that people were waiting for? The killer Move App? Some killer app!

Dante1122342d ago

I'm picking it up. I was gonna pick up Kinect: Star Wars originally, but after seeing how horrible that game was from the reviews (Kinect's killer app), I decided to go with this. It's reviewing better.

GavinMannion2342d ago

I don't understand the logic? So they both suck but you'll get this one as it sucks less?

Why not just get neither and save the cash?

JokesOnYou2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Yeah, Kinect Star Wars was a real dissapointment, but clearly the devs didn't put in the resources to take advantage of the tech, when a game like Child of Eden shows how accurate Kinect can be there's just no excuse for the flaws present in Star Wars especially when many of the gestures are so similar... Child of Eden even though simple in concept switched between multiple hand gestures very easily and the targeting was really good when I played. As for SW being the killer app obviously no, but Sorcery doesn't seem to be moves killer either,with scores so far averaging below games like kinect sports, kinectimals, Disneyland Adventures, etc and of course Dance Central, lol its evident Sorcery isn't anything to scream for JOY about. lol

PirateThom2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Wait... Child of Eden is better with Move (and a controller)... what sort of point is that?

JokesOnYou2342d ago

Child of Eden is better with move and controller according to who exactly, from the brief reviews I've read of course using just a controller(analogues) is of course the most accurate way to play but many reviews enjoyed and noted kinect was the most immersive experience. And again Dante, yes Star Wars was hyped, same as Sorcery which was suppose to be motion focused games that demonstrated how good the tech can be, unfortunately neither game is really living up to expectations as far as reviews go, but either way I'm sure there is fun to be had I just wish the devs were more creative andtook the time to ensure obvious flaws were fleshed out with both games, more so with Star wars, hell even Gunstringer had better targeting.

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Dante1122342d ago

@ JokesonYou

Kinect Star War was hail as Kinect's killer app from the developers themselves as well as MS. Even some reviews quoted MS saying Star Wars was Kinect killer app.

humbleopinion2342d ago

Where exactly? That would be most funny to read... assuming you can back this.

Anyway, I don't know why anyone would have hoped for this game to be a killer up. It always did look like a Harry Potter clone with move controls on a tight budget (And I expect Fable: The Journey to suck about just as much)

thehusbo2342d ago

U mean like kinect star wars? LOL

abzdine2342d ago

And one more guy who gets fooled by "lazy" unobjective reviews, ONE !

We all remember all negative review of The Fight: Lights Out !! That game is a MOVE Killer App, period !!

anticooper2342d ago

totally agree, the fight lights out is a great game:-)

TBM2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


hmm did you make this same comment in the other articles that have 8-9 scores? i'm gonna go out on a limb and say no.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2342d ago

Low score for easy hits?

That's how it seems, anyway. It's a great game and most reviewers have acknowledged that.

Patriots_Pride2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

You should spend $40 on it and add to the sales.

I got the game early and it not a bad game but no what I expected either.

Too casual for my taste but if you can by pass that then you should get it.

Baba19062342d ago

i think the demo is pretty good. better than i expected it to be

b_one2342d ago

Game is good, bought retail copy, story is for kids but still it can be fun :)

Capt-FuzzyPants2342d ago

I just got it. It's pretty good. It appeals to certain people. Of course it's not gonna get great reviews from people who don't like motion and review based on graphics.

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