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Shadow of the Colossus is a landmark and beloved PlayStation 2 title. Alas, what so many declare as the best game of all time will fail with the upcoming film version in development from Sony Pictures and "Chronicle" director Josh Trank. With no need for a full list, the movie's imminent fall can be explained by focusing on only one factor: voice.

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jacksonmichael2338d ago

There's one coming? What are they thinking? That is a horrible idea.

ieatbabies2338d ago

What a way to ruin a great game's reputation.

izumo_lee2338d ago

I think Ico would have been a better choice for a film. A boy & a girl 'pseudo' love story is easier to handle. The scale of SOTC is so massive shrinking it down to a 1.5 hr/2 hr film is a daunting task. I do not see how they can give every collosi the screentime they deserve & do the story justice in such a short time frame.

Kyosuke_Sanada2338d ago

Wouldn't an anime series make more sense.....

bahabeast2338d ago

wtf? give us friggin last guardian already forget this movie it makes no sense

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