Torchlight II Preview - Not A Budget Diablo 3 | MMGN.COM writes: It seems every big release in the gaming world has a mortal enemy. Call of Duty has Battlefield. FIFA has Pro Evolution Soccer, and now Diablo 3 has Torchlight II. On paper they are both very similar games; hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers where players build a character and loot everything in sight. It's hard to miss that comparison, let alone the fact that both games are launching mere months apart, yet it's the presentation and execution where these two games differ greatly.

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Psychonaughty2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

"Not A Budget Diablo 3"

Yes it is, any moron can see that. One only needs to look at said games cinematics to see that one has 10x the budget of the other.