The Craziest Details of Bungie’s Destiny Contract

Following the first information about Bungie’s Destiny project earlier this week, new details about the studio’s deal with Activision have come to light.

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life doomer2341d ago

Wow... Bungie are idiots for agreeing to this.

Patriots_Pride2341d ago

Bungie 1 year ago -f#$k you MS and shove it where the sun dont shine.

Bungie now - Hi MS you remember that one joke about the sun.....well we meant that in a good way and was wondering if 343i need any help on Halo 4.

TheFinalEpisode2341d ago

Yea it sucks that great talent like this works for an awful company like Activision

GraveLord2341d ago

You're misinformed. There is only 1 expansion/dlc per game. 4 games, 4 expansions.

Other developers sign virtually identical contracts to this.

BTW, Activision is the only publisher big enough to make an FPS successful with marketing/promotions. They are a much better choice than EA. Why? EA has way too many games to market/promote. Plus they got those online passes and horrible Origin thing.

vortis2341d ago

ROFL @ Gravelord

You must be trolling, bro. You can't be serious? ... ... ...

Wait you're being serious? Hahahaha....

Did Activision give you one month free of COD Elite to say that? Honestly, only someone with some sort of perk could say something like that.

Activision and EA are EXACTLY the same, and "Project Icebreaker" proves that.

Intentions2341d ago

Wait for the game to come out before making poor judgement.

TheFinalEpisode2341d ago

The game is probably gonna be good but they have agreed to very tight schedule(a game every 2 years plus 4 dlcs per game)and activision has a tendency of milking franchises...Then again they probably pay more than most publishers.

DeadlyFire2341d ago

I still don't understand who is publishing said Bungie MMO as Destiny looks to be FPS with releases every 2 years and not related to MMO concept. Unless that was scrapped.

As for the X360 exclusive timed deal. That more or less is probably done between Activision/Microsoft. Microsoft is no fool and they know what kind of success Bungie can create. Activision you know wants this on every platform. Microsoft you know wants to ensure that X360 has the largest fanbase of this new Bungie series.

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WeskerChildReborned2341d ago

I'm not supporting this game if it still has that 1 year timed exclusive cause that is just ridiculous i mean i could deal with like a month or 2 but a whole year for it to come on another platform?

dcbronco2341d ago

I'm not sure Bungie has much say in the exclusives area. I seem to remember part of the conditions for MS allowing them to go solo was right to first refusal and timed exclusives.

Not a bad deal considering if they make another Halo level success they will all be very rich and didn't have to pay everything to buy themselves back.

Hufandpuf2341d ago

A T for Teen FPS game from Bungie? That doesn't sound good.

FarCryLover1822341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

T rated game???? What in the world are they thinking? Most "blockbusters" are M rated. Not that it really matters, the rating that is, but it seems like Activision would want an M rated title because the COD generation won't accept T rated games.

DeadlyFire2341d ago

Well up until Call of Duty 4:MW. Call of Duty was a T rated IP.

So its not impossible to build success as T rated series.

FarCryLover1822341d ago

I really do like what Bungie have done in the past with marathon and halo and whatnot....but if this title flops, I see Bungie being another Activision casualty.