Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode Details and 5 Tips to get you on track

Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode Hardcore mode is a special mode distinct from the normal realms of Diablo. Unlike general population realms and their characters, hardcore realms and characters are distinct from one another and cannot share items, gold, or join normal games.

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Starfox8112342d ago

I wouldnt mind giving Diablo 3 a go, annoyingly though my Mac is too old and thus can't run it.

kevnb2342d ago

must be pretty old. I think almost any intel model should play it atleast on lowest settings. Maybe try a gamepass from a friend.

Starfox8112341d ago

Yeah its 5 years old, its a macbook so doesn't have a separate GPU so it can't play most 3D games without making them entirely unplayable.