The 10 Gaming Food Groups

When you get ready for that midnight launch and the game you and your buds have been waiting for, you get certain kinds of food for replenishment. Gamer food! We need the right kind of stuff for our indulging. These are 10 best kinds of food for gamers (though not necessarily for health).

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Psycho_Mantis2341d ago

Man is this what gamer's really eat!? At least theres one good option on that list in which i doubt any gamer will not touch even. Good thing i only eat the healthy stuff... i just dont see how people can eat take out food as well or anything els on that list makes me want to puke...

slayorofgods2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Come on now. If you can't eat pizza then you are extremely picky.

Hicken2341d ago

I eat all that whether I'm gaming or not. I eat pretty much anything I can digest, even if I'm allergic. My stomach is a honey badger.

Patriots_Pride2341d ago

Hmmmm food.

I usually order in some Pizza or pop four hot pockets into the Micro with a bag of nacho cheese flavored doritos and some pepsi on the side.

But if I am in a good mood I get the attached.

When I am done I have to take my PS VITA with me to the restroom cause it usually a half hour marathon in there.

Morgue2341d ago

And you wonder why people think gamers are fat and lazy. Gross....

Give me a few beers and I'm good to go. Don't need no grease covering my controller or Dorito stains on my shirt and food crumbs all over my floor.

My couch is for gaming and banging.

brianunfried2341d ago

Corndogs, Taquitos, Rootbeer, Gummy Bears & Weed.

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