Inaba Teases Us With "Redone" Okami

Kotaku writes:

Okami producer Atsushi Inaba teasing us with how much he'd like to do a reworked version of the game hurts. When asked which Clover games he'd like to go back and work on again, he answers:

"In a purely creative sense, it would be Viewtiful Joe. I'd like to really wring all of the inherent potential out of the concept. Another idea would be to redo Okami, like the recent DS Zelda. There are ideas we weren't able to include in both games which are still in our minds."

This is probably the cruellest sentence of 2008 so far.

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Marceles4668d ago

Yeah Okami was a really great game. The only annoying thing was the voices while the text scrolled lol, but the gameplay and story was awesome. I'm still kinda saddened that the next installment will be going to the Wii, but it makes sense I guess. I hope the visuals look a little bit better than the original too, but if it looks about the same I could live with that.

Cyrus3654668d ago

Yup makes sense, cause bigger base, and most importantly it costs less to develop than the other 2 platforms, and is somewhat similar to Gamecube, in terms of development.

Cyrus3654668d ago

It's too bad more people did pick up Okami, a really refreshing game.

Salvadore4668d ago

Next-gen version of Okami would be awesome.

Cyrus3654668d ago

That would be amazing, however I doubt such a small studio, could afford the dev. costs of developing on PS3 or 360, especially considering Okami is a niche title, and wouldnt' sell much, even with critical acclaim it got.

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